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CALL.10.02.2021: Frames and Framing in Antiquity II: "Sources in Contexts –Materiality... - (Online)


CALL.15.03.2021: Modern Economics and the Ancient World: Were the Ancients Rational Actors? - Online


CALL.30.03.2021: The Ancient and Byzantine World in the Light of Interdisciplinary Research - Online


CALL.28.02.2021: Rome and Iberia.Diversity of Relations from Antiquity - (Online)

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CALL. 01.03.2021: [PANEL 9] Greek Tragedy in the Early Empire(2022 AIA/SCS) - San Francisco(CA, USA)

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CALL. 15.02.2021: [PANEL 8] "Literary Texts As Objects"(2022 AIA/SCS) - San Francisco (CA, USA)

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CALL. 01.02.2021: [PANEL 7] Ancient and Modern Civic Activism (2022 AIA/SCS)- San Francisco (CA,USA)

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CALL.26.02.2021: [PANEL 6] Transformations of classical... (2022 AIA/SCS) - San Francisco (CA, USA)


CALL. 28.02.2021: Do ancient Egyptians dream of electric sheep? - Birmingham (England)

CALL.15.05.2021: Xerxes against Hellas. An Iconic Conflict from Different... (Budapest, Hungary)

CALL.15.05.2021: Xerxes against Hellas. An Iconic Conflict from Different... (Budapest, Hungary)


CALL. 31.01.2021: Teaching Classical Languages in the 21st Century – Vitae Discimus - Online

Annual Meeting of the European Associati

CALL. 11.02.2021: [SESSION 152] "Ancient West Asian and Egyptian..."(EAA2021) - Kiel (Germany)

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CALL. 20.04.2021: Animali. Miti, Saperi, Simbologie - Nemi (Italy)

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CALL.15.02.2021: [PANEL 5] "Southeastern Italy in the 1st millennium BCE" - San Francisco (CA, USA)


CALL. 09.08.2021: Nelle terre dei Sicani. - Caltanissetta, (Italy)


CALL. 15.02.2021: 20 years of History, 20 years of EJIHA - Madrid (Spain)

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CALL. 31.01.2021: FAR 2021: Forme dell'Abitare a Roma - Roma (Italy)

CALL. 31.01.2021: Workshop: Sanctuaries as Spaces of Political Actions... - Heidelberg (Germany)

CALL. 31.01.2021: Workshop: Sanctuaries as Spaces of Political Actions... - Heidelberg (Germany)

CALL. 10.01.2021

CALL. 10.01.2021: Eating and Drinking in the Ancient Near East (67th RAI) - Online

CALL. 31.01.2021

CALL. 31.01.2021: 4th Workshop on Gender, Methodology and the Ancient Near East (GeMANE 4) - Online

CALL. 17.01.2021

CALL. 17.01.2021: Queer and the Classical: Critical Futures, Critical Feelings - Online

CALL. 01.02.2021

CALL. 01.02.2021: A Traveller in an Antique Land: Travel and Traveling in the Ancient World - Online

CALL. 01.02.2021

CALL. 01.02.2021: The Material Economy of the Eastern Desert - Online (Zoom)

CALL. 13.01.2021

CALL. 13.01.2021: Specialized Labor in Classical Antiquity: Economy, Identity, Community - Online

CALL. 11.02.2021

CALL. 11.02.2021: [SESSION 2] Economic archaeology and quantitative approaches - Kiel (Germany)

CALL. 12.02.2021

CALL. 12.02.2021: [SESSION 1] Landscapes and the Augustan Revolution (EAA2021) - Kiel (Germany)

CALL. 01.04.2021

CALL. 01.04.2021: Romulus. Dio, Re, Fondatore di Roma - Velletri (Italy)


CALL. 16.04.2021: Il drammaturgo nel pensatoio. Filosofia e teatro a confronto - Online


CALL. 19.03.2021: Dare il proprio corpo alla patria: sacrifici femminili sulla scena - Online

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CALL. 14.02.2021: I modelli greci nella drammaturgia acciana - Online


CALL. 17.01.2021: L’epos argonautico fra teatro e poesia - Online


CALL. 10.01.2021: La guerra civile a teatro in Grecia e a Roma - Online

Taller internacional online Lenguas modernas y antigua - 21/12/2020, Online (Online)

Taller internacional online Lenguas modernas y antigua - 21/12/2020, Online (Online)

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CALL: 28.02.2021: Colloque "Présence of Juvénal" - Clermont-Ferrand (France)

CALL. 16.04.2021

CALL. 16.04.2021: Classical Reformations: Beyond Christian Humanism - Online

CALL. 31.01.2021. Classicamente

CALL. 31.01.2021: Classicamente. Dialoghi senesi sul mondo antico - Online

CALL. 05.02.2021

CALL. 05.02.2021: What have the Ancients ever done for us? - Dublin (Ireland)

CALL. 31.03.2021

CALL. 31.03.2021: Saint Augustine’s De civitate Dei - Leuven-Brussels (Belgium)

CALL. 31.01.2021. Beyond Mysteries

CALL. 31.01.2021: Beyond Mysteries. The Hybrid History of Ancient Eleusis - Münster (Germany)

CALL.01.02.2021. Enchanted reception

CALL.01.02.2021: Enchanted reception: Religion and the supernatural in medieval... - Ghent (Belgium)

CALL. 31.01.2021

CALL. 31.01.2021: Greek & Latin Bible Epics Conference - Nicosia (Cyprus)


CALL.05.02.2020: [PANEL 4] Vergil and Authoritarianism - San Francisco (CA, USA)

CALL. 05.02.2021. (Un)-Forgotten Realms.

CALL. 05.02.2021: (Un)-Forgotten Realms: Science Fiction and Fantasy in and about... - Online

CALL. 08.01.2021

CALL. 08.01.2021: Architectures of Colonialism. Constructed Histories - Cottbus (Germany)

CALL. 25.01.2021

CALL. 25.01.2021: Reflections on language in early Greece - Online (Zoom)


CALL.01.02.2020: [PANEL 3] Infection, Pandemic and the Borders of Medicine - San Francisco (CA, USA)


CALL.25.01.2020:[PANEL 2]Lessons Learned from Teaching During the Pandemic - San Francisco (CA, USA)

CALL. 05.02.2020

CALL. 05.02.2020: [PANEL 1] Extending Roman Personhood and Authorship - San Francisco (CA, USA)

CALL. 31.12.2020

CALL. 31.12.2020: Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World - Jerusalem (Israel)

CALL. 15.12.2020

CALL. 15.12.2020: ASMOSIA XIII International Conference - Wien (Austria)

CALL. 15.12.2020

CALL. 15.12.2020: Association of Ancient Historians anual meeting 2021 - Online

CALL. 18.12.2020

CALL. 18.12.2020: Christian Origins and the Mediterranean Landscape - Groningen (Netherleands)

CALL. 14.12.2020

CALL. 14.12.2020: Disruption in the Ancient Near East - Online (Zoom)

CALL. 15.12.2020

CALL. 15.12.2020: Contact, Colonialism, and Comparison - Online

CALL. 31.12.2020

CALL. 31.12.2020: Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry: Crisis and Resilience - Groningen (Netherlands)

CALL. 15.01.2021

CALL. 15.01.2021: Change and Resilience in Antiquity - Online (Zoom)

CALL. 30.11.2020. Adolf von Harnack

CALL. 30.11.2020: Adolf von Harnack. Bridging the gaps - Tartu (Estonia)

CALL. 01.01.2021

CALL. 01.01.2021: Engraved gems in the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea area - Online


CALL. 03.01.2021: Career Graduate Workshop - (Online)


CALL. 30.12.2020: IVMSC Mirrors: an interdisciplinary approach - (Online)

A Link to The Past CLARE Symposium 2020_

CALL. 08.01.2021: CLARE Symposium "A Link to the Past: Creating Relevancy..." - Online

recepcion mujer

CALL. 30.11.2020: Reception of ancient women - (Online)


CALL. 01.12.2020: Now and Then: (In)equity and Marginalization in Ancient Mediterranean - (Online)

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CALL. 30.04.2021: MotherBreast International Workshop: "Lactating Breasts...-Nicosia (Cyprus)

CALL. 31.01.2021

CALL. 31.01.2021: 18th Annual Conference of the EASR 2021 - Pisa (Italy)

CALL. 30.11.2020

CALL. 30.11.2020: Women, wealth, and power in the Roman Republic - Online (Zoom)

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CALL. 01.12.2020: Symposium Cumanum 2021: "Identity in Vergil" - Bacoli (Italy)


CALL. 30.10.2020: I Jornada de Estudios Doctorales de Arte i Musicología - (Online)


CALL. 31.10.2020: MAPPOLA Workshop ‘Latin Poetry in the Greek East & Greek Poetry - Oxford (England)


CALL. 30.10.2020: Poetics, Politics and the Ruin in Cinema and Theatre since 1945 - Oxford (England) / Nanterre (France)

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CALL. 06.11.2020: II Colloquio internazionale tra dottorandi e dottori di ricerca "Ricerche di Archeologia Cristiana, TardAntichità e AltoMedioevo"(RACTA) - Roma (Italy)

annus nefastus

CALL. 16.11.2020: Annus nefastus. Infortunios, cambios y oportunidades en el mundo romano - Online

CALL. 25.10.2020

CALL. 25.10.2020: Bilingual conference Christianity and Crisis: Theological Discourses in Antiquity - Zoom (Online)

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CALL. 30.10.2020: Seminario Internacional de Jóvenes Investigadores "Formas de integración en el Mediterráneo romano: Vías informales de inclusión de la diversidad en el ámbito político, religioso y cultural" - Sevilla (Spain)

CALL. 31.10.2020

CALL. 31.10.2020: 5th Conference of the International Association for Research on Pottery of the Hellenistic Period (IARPotHP): From East to West and back again: societies, economies and ceramics in the Hellenistic World - Sevilla (Spain)

CALL. 31.10.2020

CALL. 31.10.2020: 17th International Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art: Time(s) of transition and change - Wien-Carnuntum (Austria)

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