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Postgraduate Work-in-Progress Seminar, Institute of Classical Studies - 22-29/01, 05-12-19-26/02, 04

PGWiP is the national seminar for postgraduate students in Classical Studies. The seminar provides a friendly environment in which speakers are able to talk about their research, take part in stimulating discussion of their paper, and extend their social and academic network. During the past five years we have been pleased to attract speakers from thirty different institutions in the United Kingdom, the EU, North America and Australia. Speakers give a paper of about 45 minutes duration dealing with any subject connected with the ancient world (broadly defined), the reception of antiquity, or classical scholarship. They have the opportunity to receive questions, moderated by the joint chairs, from an audience of postgraduate students, mainly, but not exclusively, from the University of London, and to continue the discussion over wine and nibbles. One of the sessions provides an informal opportunity for MA students to present their work. Past MA students have found it helpful to use this time to briefly outline the ideas they have for their dissertation (about 5-10 minutes each), and seek comments and suggestions from a friendly audience.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 22-29/01, 05-12-19-26/02, 04-11-18/03/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Senate House Library, University of London (London, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Fabrizio Biglino, Antonio Genova, Oliver SchwazerJoint Chairs

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PROGRAMME SPRING 2016 22 January (Room 234) Elena Chepel (Reading) The language of sacrifice: Old Comedy's evidence on Greek prayers 29 January (Room 246) Sam Fernes (Manchester) Roman perspectives on poverty in later life: 44 BC – c. AD 200 5 February (Room 246) Mateo González-Vázquez (Barcelona) Storage pits in NE Iberia, from hilltop oppida to the Roman domination (ca. 225 BC to AD 50) 12 February (Room 246) Flaminia Beneventano della Corte (Siena) Exploring phasma: A cultural and semiotic analysis of one aspect of the uncanny in ancient Greece 19 February (Room 243) Juan Carlos Barrasús (Madrid) Denouncement, slander, imperial harangue and the decline of oratory in Roman Empire: Power, rhetoric and oratory in the work of Tacitus 26 February (Room 246) Claudio Garcia Ehrenfeld (KCL) Comedy of the absurd or absurd philosophy? 4 March (Room 246) James Moreton Wakeley (Oxford) A comparative reassessment of the Arab conquests of the 7th century: Ethnogenesis and the enemy within 11 March (Room 243) Christine Plastow (UCL) Revisiting pollution for homicide at Athens: A rhetorical perspective 18 March (Room 246) Victoria Rotar (Trinity Saint David) The myth of Heracles in Diodorus’ Bibliotheke: Variety of sources and traditions

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