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Time and Space in Greek Myth and Religion - 03-04-05-06/07/2015, Patras (Greece)

The "Center for the Study of Myth & Religion in Greek & Roman Antiquity” (affiliated with the Department of Philology, Patras University) organizes an International Conference on “Time and Space in Greek Myth and Religion”, to be held in July 2015 (Friday 3rdto Monday 6th) on University Campus.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 03-06/07/2015

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Center for the Study of Myth and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity, University of Patras (Patras, Greece).

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Center for the Study of Myth and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity, Department of Philology - University of Patras.

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FRIDAY 3rd JULY 2015 (venue: Main Ceremony Hall “Odysseas Elytis”, Rectorate building) 16.30-17.00: Registration & Coffee

17.00-17.30: Welcome notes by Professor Menelaos Christopoulos, Chair of Department of Philology, and the Rectorate Authorities of University of Patras.

17.30-18.00: Musical opening featuring Lina Geronikou (song), Eleni Papaprokopiou (piano), and Fotini Geropoulou (violin):

1. “Τζιβαέρι” Traditional 2. “Ο στεναγμός της Σμύρνης” Lyrics – Music: D. Pavlovich 3. “Χθες το βράδυ” Music: Κ. Yiannidis Lyrics: D. Yiannoukakis 4. “Φέρτε μου να πιω” Lyrics – Music: Th. Sakellaridis 5. “Θάλασσα μάνα” Music: Th. Mikroutsikos Lyrics: L. Nikolakopoulou 6. “Το τραγούδι της ερήμου” Music: L. Papadopoulos Lyrics: Μ. Κriezi 7. “Περιμπανού” Music: Μ. Chatzidakis Lyrics: Ν. Gatsos 8. “Πες μου μια λέξη” Music: Μ. Chatzidakis Lyrics: Al. Sakellarios 9. “Εφτά τραγούδια” Music: Μ. Chatzidakis Lyrics: Μ. Κakoyiannis 18.00-19.30: 1st Session (Latin Panel), Chair: Menelaos Christopoulos 18.00-18.20: Andreas N. Michalopoulos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): “si licet exemplis in parvo grandibus uti (Tr. 1.3.25f.): Mythological Time and Space in Ovid’s exile poetry” 18.20-18.40: Myrto Garani (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): “Ovid’s temple of Vesta (Fasti 6.249-460)” 18.40-19.00: Sophia Papaioannou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): “Carmenta in the Fasti: A tale of two feasts” 19.00-19.30: Discussion 19.30-21.30: Welcome buffet-dinner, at “Πάρκο της Ειρήνης” (Park of Peace)

SATURDAY 4th JULY 2015 (venue: Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras, room I-10) 9.00-10.30: 2nd Session, Chair: Nikos Charalabopoulos 9.00-9.20: Camille Semenzato (University of Zürich): “Setting in words the divine cycle of time” 9.20-9.40: Jenny Strauss Clay (University of Virginia): “The Microcosm of Parmenides’ Proem” 9.40-10.00: Katerina Oikonomopoulou (University of Patras): “Temples and sanctuaries in Athenaeus’ Deipnosophistae as spaces of community, power and luxury” 10.00-10.30: Discussion 10.30-11.00: Coffee break 11.00-12.45: 3rd Session, Chair: Effimia Karakantza 11.00-11.20: Nikos Charalabopoulos (University of Patras): “(Im)mortality and Reversal: Athenian Sacred Topography in Plato” 11.20-11.40: Marion Meyer (University of Vienna): “The martyria of the strife for Attica - martyria of changes in cult and myth” 11.40-12.00: Christos Zafiropoulos (University of Patras): “Readings of muthologein in Plato’s Phaedo” 12.00-12.20: Daniel Richter (University of Southern California): “So, what are these things about oaks and stones? An ancient genealogical proverb and its problems” 12.20-12.45: Discussion 12.45-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.50: 4th Session, Chair: Athina Papachrysostomou 14.00-14.20: Menelaos Christopoulos (University of Patras): “Strange Instances of Time and Space in Odysseus’ Return” 14.20-14.40: Jonathan Burgess (University of Toronto): “Land and Sea in the Odyssey and the Telegony: Spatial Interconnectivity between the Ionian Islands and the Western Greek Mainland” 14.40-15.00: William M. Owens (Ohio University): “Class Struggle beyond Time and Space: Briseïs and Andromache enslaved” 15.00-15.20: Effimia Karakantza (University of Patras): “When Time collapses, Space takes over. Ajax’s Deception and Suicide in Sophocles’ Ajax” 15.20-15.50: Discussion 15.50-16.20: Coffee break 16.20-18.00: 5th Session, Chair: Michael Lipka 16.20-16.40: David Bouvier (University of Lausanne): “From the Fountain to the Altar: The Flight of Troilos” 16.40-17.00: Giuseppe Zanetto (University of Milan): “Fighting on the river: the Alphaios and the Pylian Epos” 17.00-17.20: Masa Culumovic (Foundation of the Hellenic World): “Argonauts in Libya: How Long is the Way Home?” 17.20-17.40: Cecilia Nobili (University of Milan): “Cattle-raid myths in Western Peloponnese” 17.40-18.00: Discussion

SUNDAY 5th JULY 2015 (venue: Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras, room I-10) 9.00-10.30: 6th Session, Chair: Michael Lipka 9.00-9.20: Efstathia Athanasopoulou (University of Patras): “When the Polis Migrated to the Countryside: The Case of Satyr Drama” 9.20-9.40: Anton Bierl (University of Basel): “Dionysus and the Blurring of Boundaries of Space and Time” 9.40-10.00: Athina Papachrysostomou (University of Patras): “Time- and Space-Travelling in Greek Middle Comedy” 10.00-10.30: Discussion 10.30-11.00: Coffee break 11.00-12.30: 7th Session, Chair: Athina Papachrysostomou 11.00-11.20: Elena Iakovou (University of Göttingen): “The Re-enactment of the Past in the Present and the spatial transformation in Sophocles’ King Oedipus” 11.20-11.40: Nicholas Boterf (Durham University): “Spatialized Oaths: Betrayal and Sanctuary in Alcaeus 129 V” 11.40-12.00: Paolo Daniele Scirpo (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): “About the Boeotian origin of the Emmenidai’s genos: an indication from Gela” / “Περί της βοιωτικής προελεύσεως του γένους των Εμμενιδών: μία ένδειξις εκ Γέλας” 12.00-12.30: Discussion 12.30-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.30: 8th Session, Chair: Menelaos Christopoulos 14.00-14.20: Richard Seaford (University of Exeter): “Aeschylean Chronotopes” 14.20-14.40: Constantin Antypas (University of Patras): “Calculating the mythical dimension: time and distance in Homeric navigation” 14.40-15.00: Michael Lipka (University of Patras): “Individuated Gods and Sacred Space in Plutarch” 15.00-15.30: Discussion 15.30-16.00: Coffee

MONDAY 6th JULY 2015 (venue: Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras, room I-10) 9.00-10.30: 9th Session, Chair: Menelaos Christopoulos 9.00-9.20: Christopher Lillington-Martin (Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity & Teacher of Classics, Summer Fields, Oxford): “Procopius on Homer’s Odyssey and symbolism of Athena” 9.20-9.40: Nereida Villagra Hidalgo (University of Lisbon): “Time structure and spatial topography in the myth of Byblis and Caunus” 9.40-10.00: James Andrews (Ohio University): “Ἦν γάρ ποτε χρόνος: Time Mythic and Sophistic in Protagoras’s Myth of Origins” 10.00-10.30: Discussion 10.30-11.00: Coffee break 11.00-12.45: 10th Session, Chair: Aristoula Georgiadou 11.00-11.20: Olga Levaniouk (University of Washington): “In one night: Time and Space in Ancient Greek wedding ritual and related myths”

11.20-11.40: Emma Stafford (University of Leeds): “Embodying time and space in visual narratives of Greek myth” 11.40-12.00: Gabriela Cursaru (University of Montréal): “L’espace liminal entre l’air et la mer, un espace divin à part entière” 12.00-12.20: Saskia Peels (University of Liège): “Time and Normativity in Greek sacred laws” 12.20-12.45: Discussion 12.45-14.00: Lunch 14.00-15.30: 11th Session, Chair: Michael Lipka 14.00-14.20: Ezio Pellizer (University of Udine): “Time and space in Argolic traditions. From Ocean to Europe” 14.20-14.40: Françoise Létoublon (Stendhal University - Grenoble 3): “L'instant décisif dans la mythologie: le moment de la métamorphose” 14.40-15.00: Anastasia Bakogianni (Institute of Classical Studies, University of London): “Greek Myth in Modern Greek Cinema” 15.00-15.30: Discussion 15.30-16.00: Coffee break 16.00-18.00: Screening of documentary “Lost in the Bewilderness” ( The documentary, a rare case of a modern Greek myth, is directed by the award-winning Greek-American filmmaker Alexandra Anthony, who teaches film-making at the Rhode Island School of Design. Ms Anthony will also attend the screening, which will be followed by a Q & A 30 min. session.

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