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Perspectives on Language and Culture in Early Christianity - 10-11-12/09/2015, Leuven (Belgium)



FECHA/DATE/DATA: 10-11-12/09/2015

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Rita Beyers (UAntwerpen); Tim Denecker; Mark Janse (UGent); Mathieu Lamberigts; Gert Partoens; Pierre Swiggers; Toon Van Hal.


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Thursday, September 10, 2015


09:30 [Registration]


10:30 [Welcome address]


Session: “Overview I: The place of Christian litera ture”

11:10 Willy Clarysse, “Remnants of Christian books preserved from the second to the eighth century



Keynote 1


11:45 Thorsten Fögen


12:30 [Lunch]


Session: “Uses and concepts of language”


13:30 Dmitry Biriukov, “Strategies of Naming in the Polemics between Eunomius and Basil of Caesarea in the Context of Ancient tradition”


14:05 Jonathan Watt, “Patristic Conceptions of Language Universals”


14:40 Stuart Rowley Thomson, “‘Prayers uttered in barbarian tongues have greater power’: Early Christians and Barbarian Languages”


15:15 [Coffee]


Session: “Language and theological controversies”


15:45 Luise Marion Frenkel, “The nature of a discourse and the uniqueness of meaning: Christian tradition and imperial authority during the Nestorian controversy”


16:20 Viola Gheller, “Theological polemic and linguistic clashes in Visigothic Aquitaine”


16:55 [Coffee]


Keynote 2


17:15 Alfons Fürst (LECTIO keynote)


18:00 [Reception]


Friday, September 11, 2015


Session: “Language and style I”


9:30 Alessio Persic, “Brevi sermone et rustico scripsit (Hier. De viris inl., 97)”


10:05 Arkadiy Avdokhin, “Inscribed dialogues: late antique epigrams between pagan and Christian idioms”


10:40 [Coffee]


Session: “Overview II: Speaking in foreign languages”


11:10 Yuliya Minets, “Topos of Xenolalia in Christian Literature of Late Antiquity: Origins and Development”


Keynote 3


11:45 Louis Holtz


12:30 [Lunch]


Parallel session A: “The Greek Church Fathers”


13:30 George Karamanolis, “Cratylus Revived: Early Christians on the Origin and Nature of Language”


14:05 Marco Quircio, ““And God said”: Basil of Caes area on language in the Hexaemeron”


14:40 Martin Wenzel, “Learning Christian Language with Gregory of Nyssa: The Meaning of Theological Language in a Cappadocian Catechetical Context”


Parallel session B: “Language and thought in Augustine”


13:30 Sarah Byers, “Philosophical Language in Augustine and Victorinus”


14:05 Gábor Kendeffy, “Divine Verbum as Veritas and Veracitas: Saint Augustine's decisive argument against lying”


14:40 Anneli Luhtala, “Neoplatonist Themes in Augustine’s Educational Works”


15:15 [Coffee]


Session: “Translation: Texts and strategies I”


15:45 Godwin Mhuriyashe Mushayabasa, “Influences on the translation techniques in the Peshitta to

Ezekiel: the LXX and the history of translation philosophy”


16:20 Samuel A. Pomeroy, “Resourcing ὁ Σύρος : Towards a Critical Assessment of John Chrysostom’s Linguistic References”


16:55 [Coffee]


Keynote 4


17:15 Josef Lössl


Saturday, September 12, 2015


Session: “Early Christian thought on language history, and its reception”


09:30 Raf Van Rooy, “Nostrae Hebraeae uicinissima dialectus : Christophorus Crinesius on the Syriac hypothesis of Theodoret of Cyrrhus”


10:05 Josef Eskhult, “Augustine on the nature of language and on the diversity of languages: a survey of his semio-linguistic and ethno-linguistic thought”


10:40 [Coffee]


11:10 Nicolas De Maeyer & Tim Denecker, “Language History in the Venerable Bede's Biblical Commentaries: Canonization and adaptive strategies”


11:45 [Lunch]


Session: “Translation: Texts and strategies II”


13:00 Jörn Albrecht, “Deux versets de l’Apocalypse dans la traduction de Saint Jérôme retraduits dans plusieurs langues européennes”


14:35 Robert Crellin, “Translating verbal aspect: the Greek aorist in the Latin New Testament translation tradition”


14:10 Hans Förster, “The Latin and Coptic translation of John 20:18 – sloppy work or change of



14:45 [Concluding remarks]




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