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Enclosing worlds: Comparative approaches to enclosure phenomena - 12-13-14/10/2016, Faro (Portugal)

Analogy was always central to archaeological methods and interpretations. It is a powerful tool that has been consecutively criticized and theorized, remaining at the heart of the archaeological practice. Between the large amplitude of the uses of analogy in Archaeology, the cross-culture comparative methods have been shown to be useful to deal with cultural change and the correlations between materiality, human behavior and social organization. This conference intends to focus on the emergence and development of the European prehistoric enclosures phenomena in the context of a large scale social practice of enclosing expressed by architectures, landscapes and forms of territorial management. It is meant to confront the diversity of the European phenomena between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age with other historical processes of enclosure building developed in other continents and to discuss the social implications and the social roles of such architectures and strategies of space organization. With this purpose, the conference will reunite case studies from Western and Eastern Europe, Central and Southern Africa and North and South America, stimulating the development of comparative research on this topic and the debate on comparative methodologies, namely regarding the definition of comparable controlled units.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 12-13-14/10/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Universidade do Algarve (Faro, Portugal)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Group for the Development of Complex Societies of the Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior (ICArEHB - University of Algarve); Archaeological research department of ERA Arqueologia (NIA-ERA); Global Research Program of Perdigões enclosure.

INFO: web - António Carlos Valera (


El período de inscripción se abrirá en octubre de 2015 / Inscriptions for assistance will be open in October 2015 / Il periodo per la registrazione sarà aperto nell'ottobre 2015

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October 12

09.30 – Overture

10.00 – Conference: Enclosure and Containment from an African Perspective, by Timothy Insoll.

11.00 – Break

11.30 – Standing stone enclosures from Senegal and Gambia, by Luc Laporte and H. Bocoum.

12.00 – Communal living places: people, time, space, by Lara Milesi.

12.30 - Open vs. enclosed. The material and social boundaries of the early cities in comparative perspective, by Kasper Hanus.

13.00 – Lunch Break

14.30 – The settlement has a ditch. Now what?, by Filipa Rodrigues.

15.00 – "Width Of A Circle": the São Pedro walled enclosures, by Rui Mataloto and Catarina Costeira.

15.30 – The possible dialogue between Iberian walled enclosures. The several scales of comparison, by Ana Vale.

16.00 – Are they enclosing the dead?, by Lucy Shaw Evangelista.

16.30 – Break

17.00 – Sacred landscapes of the southern Brazilian highlands: Understanding southern proto-Jê mound and enclosure complexes, by José Iriarte.

17.30 – Enclosed Dualism: Moieties and Mortuary Ritual in the Southern Brazilian Highlands, by Mark Robinson.

18.00 – The genesis of monuments: Resisting outsiders in the contested landscapes of southern Brazil, by Jonas Gregorio de Souza, Rafael Corteletti, Mark Robinson and Jose Iriarte

18.30 – Debate

October 13

09.30 – World metaphor and the dialectic of meaning. The circular enclosures of Pömmelte and Schönebeck, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, by André Spatzier.

10.00 – Worlds within worlds: settlement enclosures and the circumscribed landscape in later prehistoric Cornwall, by Catherine Frieman.

10.30 - Shedding new light on Neolithic Enclosures in Western France, by Luc Laporte, Jean-Noël Guydo, Nicolas Fromont, Philippe Forre, Emmanuel Ghesquiere, Jean-Marc Large, Cyril Marcigny, Bertrand Poissonnier , Cyrille Billard and Catherine Bizien-Jaglin.

11.00 – Break

11.30 – Prehistoric enclosures of Southwest Iberia: tangible expressions of Neolithic immateriality, by António Carlos Valera.

12.00 – Enclosing the enclosures: identification and characterization through LiDAR data in La Serena region (Extremadura, Spain), Adara López López and Enrique Cerillo-Cuenca.

12.30 – “Black Holes and Revelations” The ditched enclosure of El Prado (Azután, Spain) in the ‘deserted’ interior, by Felicitas Schmitt.

13.00 – Lunch Break

14.30 – Mediterranean Iberian Enclosures. A tail of five millennia, by Teresa Orozco-Köhler and Joan Bernabeu-Aubán.

15.00 – Articulated faunal remains in the causewayed enclosure of El Casetón de la Era (Villalba de los Alcores, Valladolid), María Carbajo Arana and Carlos Fernández Rodríguez.

15.30 – Ditches and memory: Thracian enclosures in the course and cross the times, by Krassimir Leshtakov.

16.00 – A new fashion for the Early Neolithic: ditched enclosures in the Balkans, by Nikolina Nikolova.

16.30 – Break

17.00 – A look beyond. New insights on middle Neolithic roundels, by Christina Michel, Wolfram Schier and Susanne M. Hoffmann.

17.30 – Iconography embedded in Landscape: The geometric earthworks of the state of Acre, southwestern Amazonia, by Sanna Saunaluoma and Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen.

18.00 – Andean enclosures and the kancha concept, by William Mackay.

18.30 – Debate

POSTERS : Still open to submissions until 31/08/2016

October 14

Field Trip

Sites to visit:

9.30 - Almendres cromelech

10.30 - Escoural Cave (to be confirmed)

14.30 - Montoito enclosure

15.30 - Perdigões enclosure

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