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Late Antique Network Workshop 'Conversions' - 29/08/2015, London (England)

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 29/08/2015

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Senate House, INstitute of Classical Studies (London, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Rebecca Usherwood; Jeff Veitch; Gabrielle Villais; David Walsh; Douglas Underwood

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10AM – Registration, Coffee/Tea

10.30AM – Topographical Conversions Chair: David Walsh Maria Kneafsey (Exeter) ‘Burial topography and boundaries in late antique Rome’ Silviu Anghel (Gottingen) ‘Athenian Past as Neoplatonic Present. Cultural Conversion of Space and History in Late Antique Athens.’ Ian McElroy (Glasgow) ‘Experience, ruin and landscape appropriation: temple-church conversion in the Eastern Mediterranean’ 12PM – Lunch 1PM – Imperial Conversions Chair: Rebecca Usherwood Taylor FitzGerald (Exeter) ‘Socer, Rebellis, Divus: Conversions of the image of Maximian in Constantinian political discourse’ Joel Leslie (Glasgow) ‘Christianity, Conversion and the Role of the Emperor in the Fourth Century’ Lea Niccolai (Pisa) ‘Δείγματα δεινῆς ἀγροικίας: ‘traces of irremediable savagery’ in Emperor Julian’s Misopogon’ 2.30PM: Tea and Coffee 3PM – Religious Conversion Chair: Gabrielle Villais Alex Petkas (Princeton) ‘The Context and Compositional Unity of Synesius of Cyrene's Hymn 1’ Nicholas Mataya (Swansea) ‘Charity Before Division: The Strange Case of Severinus of Noricum and the Pseudo-Evangelisation of the Rugians’ Robin Whelan (Oxford) ‘Propter dei causas: Homoian Christianity in Ostrogothic Italy’ 4.30PM – Roundtable Discussion: ‘Periodization and Late Antiquity: can Late Antiquity only be an age of transformation and conversion?’ Chair: Jeff Veitch

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