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Archaeology, conservation and tourism in the north of Jordan - 28-29-30/09/2015, Amman (Jordan)

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 28-29-30/09/2015

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: The Jordan Museum (Amman, Jordania)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: EAMENA ; the Department of Antiquities of Jordan ; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

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Monday 28 September – The archaeology of northern Jordan: from discovery to site display


9.30-10.30 Welcome and short speeches

10.30-11.00 Keynote 1 - HRH Prince al-Hassan bin Talal

11.00-11.30 Tea break

11.30-12.00 Keynote 2 - HE Dr M.Jamhawi (Director General of the Department of Antiquities)

12.00-12.30 Keynote 3 - Dr Robert Bewley (EAMENA, Oxford)

12.30-14.00 Buffet lunch

The urban centres of northern Jordan – Archaeology and conservation. Chair: Zeidan Kafafi

14.00-14.30 J.Tidmarsh (University of Sydney) – Whose foundation? The emergence of Hellenistic Pella

14.30-15.00 D.Vila (John Brown University) - Protecting our past/Protecting our future: the future of Abila of the Decapolis in Northern Jordan

15.00-15.30 B.De Vries (Calvin College) and J.DeKock (Open Hand Studios) - A Conservation Strategy for Umm el-Jimal: Engaging the Modern Community in the Preservation and Protection of the Antiquities

15.30-16.00 C.Bührig (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) - Gadara/Umm Qays.The ancient city and its hinterland

16.00-16.30Tea break

New discoveries in Jerash. Chair: TBC

16.30-17.00 G.Zimmer (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) and T.Weber (Jordan University) - The Jerash Bronze workshop in the light of Greco-Roman metal technology of the central Mediterranean

17.00-17.30 (Department of Antiquities, Jordan) - Title TBC

17.30-18.00 A.Walmsley (University of Copenhagen) - Raising awareness of the Islamic period at Jarash through targeted excavations and sympathetic restoration work

Tuesday 29 September – Landscape archaeology of northern Jordan in the context of the geoarchaeology of the Levant Regional Surveys. Chair: Mo'awiya Ibrahim

8.30-9.00 D.Hagmann and N.Voss (Universität Wien) - Intensive Systematic Surveys in the Hinterland of Abila and Umm-el Jimal (Decapolis Region, Northern Jordan)

9.00-9.30 F.Kenkel (German Protestant Institute of Archaeology) - The Gadara Region Project: past, present, future

9.30-10.00 (University of Leiden) - Gadara: benefiting from its irrigated agricultural fields

10.00-10.30 H. al-Sababha (Universität Bonn) - Islamic Pottery and Their Distribution in Agricultural Fields as a Marker of Land Use Throughout the Islamic Period in Northern Jordan

11.00-11.30 D.Boyer (University of Western Australia) - Landscape archaeology of the 'Ajlun Highlands since the Pleistocene: new insights from the Jarash Valley

11.30-12.00 N.Abu Jaber (German-Jordanian University) - Landscape character assessment mapping of the Yarmuk river basin: results and planning implications

12.00-12.30 B.Lucke (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) - Historical landscape change in northern Jordan: the cases of Abila/Queilbeh and Umm al-Jimal

12.30-14.00 Buffet lunch

Landscape Archaeology. Chair: TBC

14.00-14.30 F.Hourani (Jordan University) - Late Prehistoric Landscapes of Northern Jordan: A perspective from the Jordan Valley

14.30-15.00 P-M.Blanc (CNRS), G.Davtian (CEPAM - Nice), J.Rohmer (Université Paris I) - Méthodologies et premiers résultats de la prospection de la mission de Haute Jordanie

15.00-15.30 P.Watson (University of New England) - Fluctuations in land use around Pella of the Decapolis in Late Antiquity: evidence and issues

15.30-16.00 B.Müller-Neuhof (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) - Fourth millennium colonization of the basalt desert: Jawa and its hinterland

16.00-16.30 Tea break

Geoarchaeology in the Levant. Chair: TBC

16.30-17.00 T.Paradise (University of Arkansas) - Petra's great flood: preliminary evidence for 4th-5th century catastrophic flooding

17.00-17.30 H.Bruins (Ben Gurion University) - Landscape Archaeology of runoff-capturing wadi terraces in the central Negev Desert: ancient agriculture and soil manuring from the Late Neolithic to the Early Islamic period

17.30-18.00 P.Kouki (University of Helsinki) - Interpreting OSL dates from wadi sediments in the Jabal Harun area, Petra region

19.00-21.00 Reception at ACOR

Wednesday 30 September – Managing and promoting cultural heritage in the north of Jordan Round Table: Monitoring and Protecting Cultural Heritage

9.00-10.30 Session 1. Documenting threat to archaeological sites: problems and solutions. Chair: Barbara Porter

10.30-11.00 Tea break

11.00-12.30 Session 2. The impact of geodatabases, remote sensing and mapping projects. Chair: TBC

Confirmed discussants (in alphabetical order): Mr Giovanni Antonelli (UNESCO – Iraq), Ms Rebecca Banks (EAMENA, University of Oxford), Dr Robert Bewley (EAMENA, University of Oxford), Dr Mariusz Drzewiecki (Jordan University), Mr Jihad Haroun (Department of Antiquities, Jordan), HE Dr Munther Jamhawi (Department of Antiquities, Jordan), Mr Mohammad Abed al Jaradat (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Palestine), Prof. Lorenzo Nigro (University of Rome - Sapienza), Prof. Graham Philip (Durham University), Mr Jihad Yassine (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Palestine).

12.30-13.30 Buffet lunch

Cultural tourism and community engagement in the north of Jordan. Chair: Carol Palmer

13.30-14.00 F.Andraschko (Universität Hamburg) - Transfer and communication of cultural and natural heritage

14.00-14.30 M.Haddad (Baraka) - A relationship between cultural identity, linear history and tourism in Umm Qais

14.30-15.00 Tea break

15.00-15.30 (Department of Antiquities, Jordan) - Archaeology of agriculture. The potential of archaeological restoration for cultural tourism in the north of Jordan

15.30-16.00 M.Shunnaq (Yarmuk University) - The ethnoarchaeology of Al Shalalah area (Al Ramtha district)

16.00-16.15 Short break

Umm al-Jimal: a success story? Chair: Bert De Vries

16.15-16.35 A.Atzori (UNESCO - Jordan) - Culture as a source of resilience: linking cultural assets and rural women in Umm al-Jimal

16.35-16.55 M.Hazza (Umm al-Jimal Project) - Ancient Umm el-Jimal as Seen by the Modern Community

16.55-17.10 Discussion and short break

17.10-17.30 E.Addison (SCHEP) - The potential of cultural heritage sites to bring income into host communities

17.30-17.50 P.Christians (Stanford University) - The role of the community in the long-term site management plan for Umm al-Jimal

18.00 Closing remarks

19.00 Closing reception at the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology (GPIA)

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