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Edinburgh Classics Research Seminars - 23-30/09, 05-07-13-14-21-28/10, 02-04-11-18-25/11, 02-07-09/1

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 23-30/09, 05-07-13-14-21-28/10, 02-04-11-18-25/11, 02-07-09/12/2015, 13/01, 24/02, 30/03/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Meadows Lecture Theatre, University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Prof. Matthew Wright; Prof. Lynette Mitchell

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Wed. 23 Sept. – Classical Association of Scotland (6pm) Judy Barringer (Edinburgh), 'Festival Life at Olympia: Practical Matters’ Wed 30 Sept. – Northern Scholar Lecture Lena Larsson Lovén (Göteborg), ‘Roman women, work and wool'. Mon. 5 Oct. – Scottish Hellenic Society (6.30 pm, Sem. Room 1, Chrystal Macmillan Building) David Lewis (Edinburgh), ‘Ancient Greek Piracy in Practice’ Wed. 7 Oct. Justin Stover (All Souls, Oxford), ‘Martius Valerius: Bucolic Poet of the Sixth Century’. Tues. 13 Oct. – Inaugural Lecture A. G. Leventis Professor of Greek (Teviot Lecture Theatre) Josh Ober (Stanford-Edinburgh), ‘Economic Growth and Inequality: the Case of Classical Greece’. Wed. 14 Oct. – Network for Oratory and Politics (Teviot Lecture Theatre) Lynn Fotheringham (Nottingham), ‘Attitudes to oratory in modern biographies of Cicero’ Wed. 21 Oct. Matteo Zaccarini (Bologna-IASH Edinburgh), ‘Nobody's Democracy: the Invention of Ephialtes and the Patrios Politeia’ Wed. 28 Oct. – Classical Association of Scotland (joint lecture with the SPHS) (6pm) Barbara Graziosi (Durham), 'The Character of Ancient Literature’ Mon. 2 Nov. – Scottish Hellenic Society (6.30 pm, Sem. Room 1, Chrystal Macmillan Building) Sophia Xenofontos (Glasgow), ‘Galen as a Healer of the Soul’ Wed. 4 Nov. Erica Bexley (Swansea), ‘Recognising Character in Senecan Tragedy’. Wed. 11 Nov. Niels Gaul (Edinburgh), ‘A Short History of the Theatron: Parameters of Rhetorical Performance from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantium’. Wed. 18 Nov. Andreas Gavrielatos (Edinburgh), ‘Personal names and self-presentation of bilinguals in Roman Gaul. The case study of the terra sigillata potters’. Wed. 25 Nov. Massimiliano Ornaghi (Torino-IASH Edinburgh), ‘Stesichorus, the Helenai and the Palinodiai’ Wed. 2 Dec., Classical Association of Scotland (6pm) Eve MacDonald (Reading), 'Hannibal, Livy and the Memory of War’ Mon. 7 Dec., Scottish Hellenic Society (6.30 pm in Lecture Theatre, Hugh Robson Building) Anja Ulbrich (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford), ‘Aphrodite of Cyprus, her images and sanctuaries in the age of city-kingdoms (750-310 BC)’ Wed. 9 Dec. Paul Kosmin (Harvard), ‘Time and Resistance in the Seleucid Empire’

Wed. 13 January 2016 Prof. Maureen Carroll (Sheffield) 'Exploring the Rural Economy at the Roman Imperial Estate at Vagnari' Wed. 24 February 2016 Prof. Thomas Harrison (St. Andrews) 'Travelling with Herodotus' Wed. 30 March 2016 (co-sponsored by the Roman Society; preceded by AGM) Dr Catherine Ware (UCC) 'Claudian’s Epic Animals in the Arena'

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