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Athens Greek Religion Seminar - 29/09-13/10-30/10-24/11-08/12-/18/12/2015, Athens (Greece)



FECHA/DATE/DATA: 29/09-13/10-30/10-24/1-08/12-/18/12/2015


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO:  Swedish Institute at Athens (Athens, Greece)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Jenny Wallensten (Swedish Institute at Athens), Soi Agelidis (Swedish Institute at Athens)


INFO: web -






The Athens Greek Religion Seminar, Autumn 2015

September 29, 15.00: Emmanuel Voutiras, Religious acts in the
reconciliation agreement of Dikaia

October 13, 15.00: Eleni Fassa: Claiming autochthony in Roman Macedonia:
The Mother Goddess of Leukopetra

October 30, 15.00: Julia Shear, The Little Panathenaia and the Creation of
Identities in Ancient Athens

November 24, 15.00: Thanasis Papadopoulos: The Heroon of Odysseus at
Ithaca Reconsidered

December 8, 15.00: Kerasia Stratiki, Mortality and Immortality in Ancient
Greek Religion: The
case of heroic cult in the ''Periegesis'' of Pausanias

December 18, 15.00: Maria Mili & Jenny Wallensten: Olympian & Chthonian?
The cult of Hermes Chthonios

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