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Institute of Classical Studies: Ancient History Research Seminars - 15/10, 05-12-19-26/11, 03-10/12/

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 15/10, 05-12-19-26/11, 03-10/12/2015

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Senate House, University of London (London, England)


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15th October2015 Michael Squire (King’s College London) ‘How to read a Roman portrait: Optatian and the face of Constantine’’ 22nd October 2015 Rebecca Darley (Birkbeck College London) ‘Evidence for the absence of a Sasanian maritime policy' 29th October 2015–- no seminar 5th November2015 Robin Osborne (Cambridge University) ‘The Stuff of the Gods: The Material Aspects of Religion in Ancient Greece 12th November 2015 William Stenhouse (Yeshiva University, NY) ‘Ancient Texts and Objects in the Late Renaissance: Questions of Chronology’ 19th November 2015 ***please note this seminar will start at 4.45pm*** Stephen Colvin (University College London) ‘Aspect and agency in epigraphic signatures’ 26th November 2015 Jas Elsner (Oxford University) ‘Concealment and Revelation: The Pola Casket and the Visuality of Early Christian Relics’ 3rd December 2015 Andrew Burnett (British Museum) ‘Zela, acclamations, Caracalla – and Parthia?’ 10th December 2015 Corinna Riva (University College London) ‘Monarchies and Republics in Etruria: Myths, Objects, and Political Theory’

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