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Ancient History Seminars Cardiff University - 12-26/10, 09-23/11, 07/12/2015, 01-29/02, 07-14/03, 11/04/2016, Cardiff (Wales)


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 12-26/10, 09-23/11, 07/12/2015, 01-29/02, 07-14/03, 11/04/2016


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: John Percival Building, Cardiff University (Cardiff, Wales)










Autumn Semester

12th October, room 4.45

Dr John Curran, Queen’s University Belfast

Jesus in Josephus’ Testimonium Flavianum?


26th October, room 0.31

Classical Association Lecture (in association with the Roman Society)

Dr Mary Harlow, University of Leicester

How long did it take to make a toga?


9th November room 4.45

Dr Lisa Hau, University of Glasgow

Pathos with a Point: Teaching Lessons through Pathos in Greek Historiography


23th November, 0.31

Classical Association Lecture

Dr Maria Pretzler, Swansea University

Sparta’s Peloponnesian Allies: Who, When, How… and Why?


7th December, room 0.31

Chiara Stazzulla, Cardiff University

The Importance of Being Volumnius: Double Identities in Late Republican Perusia


Spring Semester

1st February, room 4.45

Dr David Leith, University of Exeter

The Role of the Brain in Early Hellenistic Medicine


29th February, room 4.45

Caroline Musgrove, University of Cambridge

The Medical Writer’s Woman in the Fourth Century AD


7th March, room 2.03

Classical Association Lecture

Professor Diana Spencer, University of Birmingham



14th March, room 2.03

Classical Association Lecture

Dr Maria Fragoulaki, Cardiff University

Athenian Kleruchies Revisited: Settlement Patterns in Thucydides


11th April, room 4.45

Alexia Miltiadous-Johansson, Cardiff University

Housing and Households in Roman Cyprus and Crete: a Contextual and Quantitative Approach


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