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Praying and Contemplating: Personal Religious attitudes. Religious and Philosophical Interactions in

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 31/03; 01-02/04/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: North-West University, (Potchefstroom, South Africa)


CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Thursday March 31 8:00–10:00 Registration 09:30–09:45 Marianne Dircksen (Director: School of Ancient Languages and Text Studies) Welcome Address 09:45–10:00 Susan Visser (Vice Rector, Research, NWU) Welcome Address 10:00–11:40 Session 1 Chair: John Finamore 10:00–10:40 John Dillon (Trinity College, Dublin) “Levels of Prayer in the Neoplatonic and Sufi Traditions” 10:40–11:10 Bronwen Neil (Australian National University, Canberra) “Dream-visions and Contemplation in Christian Neo-Platonism” 11:10–11:40 Herrie van Rooy (NWU) “Prayer, Admonition and History in in the Commentary on the Psalms by Theodore of Mopsuestia” 11:40–12:00 Refreshments 12:00–13:00 Session 2 Chair: Annemaré Kotzé 12:00–12:30 John Hilton (Kwazulu-Natal University) “Ethnography and Empire: The Tower of Babel Narrative in Philo De Confusione Linguarum, Origen Contra Celsum, and Julian Contra Galilaeos” 12:30–13:00 Liana Lamprecht (UNISA) “Biblical and Historical Literary Evidence for a further Consideration of Matthew 6: 13a – the 6th Petition in the Lord’s Prayer” 13:00–14:00 Lunch 14:00–15:40 Session 3 Chair: Eleni Pachoumi 14:00–14:40 Matthew Dickie (University of Illinois, Chicago) “Contemplating and Coming together with the Divine in Mystery-cult in Late Antiquity” 14:40–15:10 Lech Trzcionkowski (Jagiellonian University, Cracow) “Hieroi Logoi in 24. Rhapsodies. The Orphic Codex?” 15:10–15:40 Philip Bosman (UNISA) “Places of Deception or danger? Late Antique Views of Oracular Sites” 15:40–16:00 Refreshments 16:00–17:00 Session 4 Chair: John Hilton 16:00–16:30 Santiago Iglesias García (Complutense University, Madrid) “Contemplatio Constantini” 16:30–17:00 Maria Teresa Ruggiero (University of Foreigners, Perugia) “A Deeply Religious Person. Fulgentius Planciade: Philosophus and Philologus” 18:30 Conference dinner Friday April 1 9:00–10:40 Session 5 Chair: Matthew Dickie 9:00–9:40 Mark Edwards (Oxford University) “Primitive Christianity and Magic” 9:40–10:10 Annemaré Kotzé (Stellenbosch University) “Augustine’s Confessions: Addressing Manichaeans through Prayer?” 10:10–10:40 Holger Hespen (CEU, Budapest) “How do the Souls travel? Eustratius of Constantinople and his Opponents on the Interaction between the Living and the Dead” 10:40–11:10 Refreshments 11:10 - 12:50 Session 6 Chair: John Dillon 11:10–11:50 John Finamore (University of Iowa) “Iamblichus, Theurgic Metaphysician” 11:50–12:20 Eleni Pachoumi (NWU) “Proclus on Theurgy” 12:20–12:50 Matylda Obryk (Northeast Normal University, China) “Theurgy: Reconciliation of Religion and Philosophy” 12:50–14:00 Lunch 14:00–15:10 Session 7 Chair: Mark Edwards 14:00–14:30 Mark Wildish (University of Hong Kong) “Iamblichus on the Language of Prayer” 14:30–15:00 Laurence Bloom (Rhodes University) “Proclus on the Inward Turn” 15:00 – 15:30 Refreshments 15:30–16:00 Session 8 Chair: Philip Bosman 16:00–16:30 Dmitry Biriukov (Padova University) “Ascent through becoming Monadic and the Hypotheses of Plato’s Parmenides in Clement of Alexandria” 16:30–17:00 Olivier Dufault (LMU Munich) “Lessons from the Body. Alchemy and Practical Thought-Experiment in the First Lesson on Virtue of Zosimus of Panopolis” 17:00–17:30 Concluding Remarks 19:00 Conference dinner

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