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CALL. 12.12.2015: Mounting of Time: Forms and Functions of Intentionally Used Anachronisms - Dresden


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Residenzschloss Dresden (Dresden, Germany) ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Prof. Dr. Martin Jehne ; Prof. Dr. Dennis Pausch


Mounting of Time Forms and Functions of Intentionally Used Anachronisms Oct 14th-15th 2016, Residenzschloss Dresden Anachronisms generally are meant to be the wrong historical assignment of facts, the transfer of current concepts into the past or phenomena, which seem to be outdated in the observer’s point of view. Anachronism is an infraction of order and as such has the negative connotation of something incorrect. It can be stated, however, that these infractions can also be intended in order to achieve a desired effect. For example there could be a deliberate use of archaic elements in a contemporary work of art or on the other hand the inclusion of modern elements in a story about a historically distant past event. Instead of speaking about imperfection it is more appropriate to understand these phenomena as well intended unifications of events that are marked by different concepts of time: Either the present is projected into the past or history is made transparent by its appearance in the present. Assuming that these, figuratively speaking, “mountings of time” are on purpose it is necessary to focus on their functions, which appear to be assigned to different areas: As examples may be mentioned the aesthetic pleasure, which arises during the discovery of these mountings, or the achieving of legitimacy by the crossfade of past and present. At the 7th Kleinen Mommsentagung we propose to examine this wide and complex field of deliberately used anachronisms in order to explore the forms and aims of this – sticking to our image – mounting times together and to gain general insights about this phenomenon by discussing its great variety. We invite researchers of all kind of Classical Studies to participate in the conference and we politely ask you to send your lecture topic and a short abstract (300-500 words) to following address until Dec. 12th 2015: We confidently expect to pay the accommodation costs of speakers and we are trying to obtain a reimbursement of travel expenses. In anticipation of an inspiring meeting Prof. Dr. Martin Jehne and Prof. Dr. Dennis Pausch TU Dresden.

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