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From Song To Book: Performance and Entextualisation in Ancient Greek Literature and Beyond - 29-30/0

The last decades have transformed the way we look at Classical Greek poetry and prose. No longer simply a corpus of autonomous texts to be read and analysed, we have come to view literature and its genres as performances embedded in social space, and with a concrete social or ritual function. But this in turn has meant that our understanding of ancient textuality — what texts meant, how they were transmitted and used, how they functioned, and the nature and power of authorial voice, and its relation to other textual voices — has also been transformed. Entextualisation is increasingly understood not as a single process, but rather a variety of different ones with specific social aims and consequences; and performance studies has introduced new ways of understanding how different texts and genres construct a speaking voice. The cultural construction of textuality itself has come into focus in criticism, as has the idea of an easy transition from 'song culture' to 'book culture' in the Hellenistic period. This conference aims to bring together academics not only from within Classics, but from a variety of disciplines including anthropology, music, and philosophy, as well as scholars dealing with similar issues of performance and textuality outside of the Classical tradition in genres such as Norse epic and early modern theatre, in order to provide new theoretical perspectives on the changing and fluid relationship between performance and textuality in different genres, time-periods, cultures and contexts.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 29-30/06-01/07/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University College London (London, England)


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June 29

1:30-2:00 REGISTRATION 2:00-2:30pm Welcome


2:30-3:35 Richard Janko (University of Michigan): Creativity and Epic Tradition: are the Homeric poems post-traditional texts?’ 3:35-4:00 Tea 4:00-5:05 Lawrence Kowerski (Hunter College-CUNY, New York): The Theognidea as Performance and Text

5:15 Wine reception

June 30


10-11:05am Niall Slater (Emory University): ‘Modified rapture!’ Entextualizing Comic Performance 11:05-11:30 Tea 11:30-12:35 Clare Foster (UCL): Chorality as Metaphor: or what did texts ever do for us? 12:35-2:00 Lunch


2:00-3:05 David Fearn (Warwick): ‘Texture and textuality. Gorgias’ Encomium of Helen and Greek Lyric Poetry’ 3:05-3:30 Tea 3:30-4:35 Iwona Wieżel (KUL-John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin): Clash of Worlds: Orality and Textualization in Herodotus’ Narrative


July 1


10:00-11:05 Max Leventhal (Cambridge): Wine, Wit, and Wisdom: Hellenistic Sympotic Contexts for Performing the Entextualised 11:05-11:30 Tea 11:30- 12:35 Valeria Pace (Gonville & Caius, Cambridge): Performing gender in epic character-voices: which difference a text? A case study on Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes 12:35- 2:00 Lunch 2:00-3:05 Thomas Hinton (Exeter): ‘Loving, Singing, Writing: Present and Absent Voices in Medieval French and Occitan Narratives About Lyric’ 3:05-3:30 Tea 3:30-4:30 Closing Discussion

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