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School of Classics, St Andrews, Semester 3 Seminars - 29/01, 05-12-19-26/02, 04-11/03, 01-08-15-22/0

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 29/01, 05-12-19-26/02, 04-11/03, 01-08-15-22/04/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: School 5, St Salvator's Hall (St Andrews, Scotland)





29 Jan Brian McGing (Trinity Dublin) ‘: ‘Revolting subjects, ancient and modern: Thebes (Egypt) 207 BC, Delhi 1857, Dublin 1916-1921’.

5 Feb Myles Lavan (St Andrews) ‘Rethinking the spread of Roman citizenship in the provinces'

12 Feb Candace Rice (Edinburgh) ‘Regional specialization and economic development in the Roman period: a view from southern Turkey’

19 Feb Ian Repath (Swansea) ‘Achilles Tatius: Bellies, Births, and Bastards’

26 Feb Bryan Ward-Perkins (Oxford) ‘Documenting the emergence of the Cult of Saints: possibilities and challenges’. Professor Ward–Perkins’ paper will launch the St Andrews Centre for Late Antiquity and will be followed by a drinks reception in the School of Classics.

4 March Antti Lampinen (St Andrews) 'Stay who you were. Keeping the Roman provinces and provincials 'ethnic'’

11 March Sofia Xenofontos (Glasgow) ‘How to treat anxiety: Galen's ethical philosophy in his essay Peri alypias’

1 April Eric Csapo (Sydney/Institute for Classical Studies) ‘Choregic Dedications and What They Tell Us about Comic Performance in the Fourth Century BC’

8 April Claire Holleran (Exeter) ‘The Labour Market in Rome’.

15 April Liz Pender (Leeds) ‘Socrates Framed: The Platonic Art of Scene Painting’

21 April John Oakley (William and Mary College) ‘Daily life on Athenian Vases’

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