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20th SOMA - Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, 12-13-14/05/2016, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Since prehistoric times the Mediterranean has been acting as a locale for interaction between groups inhabiting regions that are now studied mainly within the different sub-fields of ancient studies. In recent years, however, the development of research techniques and analytical models of archaeological evidence have identified similar historical paths that are similar if not, in some cases, common to these different areas of the ancient world from the West (Iberian peninsula) to the East (Anatolia and Levant) from the North (Europe, Black Sea Coast) to the South (Maghreb and Egypt).

The 20th SOMA meeting welcomes presentations related to the above-mentioned topics and also arguments like sea, trade, colonization and achieve art using archaeological data collected within contexts located within the Mediterranean basin and the Black sea area, chronologically ranging from Prehistoric to Medieval periods.

The main theme of the 2016 meeting will be "Archaeology of the Northern Black sea". The Northern Black sea region is an area rich in archaeological sites, on the one hand, and subject to active industrial development. As in no other area is rapidly growing population. Develop port facilities. Built recreational facilities. The coastal zone has maximum pollution waste of human activity. It is for this reason this area is currently the center of attention of the scientific community.

In addition to traditional issues related to archeological finds in various parts of the Mediterranean, in 2016 the focus will be on new ideas for the conservation and management of sites of historical and cultural heritage. Will be lectures of the leading specialists for students.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 12-13-14/05/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institute of History of Material Culture Russian Academy of Sciences; and the State Hermitage Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


Dr. Murat Karademir (Selcuk University)

Dr. Blazej Stanislawski (GAMA)

Dr. Michele Stephanile (GAMA)

Lect. T.M.P. Duggan (Akdeniz University)

Dr. Mehmet Kürkçü (Archaeologist)

Res. Assist. Aykan Akçay (Akdeniz University)

Ceyda Öztosun (Selcuk University)

Günay Dönmez (Selcuk University)

Res. Assist. Fatih Yılmaz (Akdeniz University)

Res. Assist. Erkan Kurul (Akdeniz University)

Betül Gürel (Akdeniz University)

Kamran Kamaei (GAMA)

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-The registration fee for speakers and authors is €70 (for each) until 20 April 2016, rising to €90 after 30 April 2016 /La inscripción para los conferenciantes y autores es de 70 euros (por cada uno) hasta el 20 de abril de 2016, ascendiendo a 90 euros después del 30 de abril de 2016 / La tassa di registrazione per relatori e autori è 70 (ogniuno) fino al 20 Arpile 2016, dopo il 30 Aprile 2016 ci saranno 90

-Students will pay a reduced fee of €55 until 20 April 2016, rising to €75 after 30 April 2016 / Los estudiantes pagan tasa reducida de 55 euros hasta el 20 de abril de 2016, ascendiendo a 75 euros después del 30 de abril de 2016/ Studenti pagerrano una tassa ridotta di 55 fino al 20 Aprile 2016, dopo il 30 Aprile ci saranno 75

-To register as a student, please send the number and validity period of your Student Card / Para regristrarte como estudiante, enviése el número y el período de validez de tu Tarjeta de Estudiante / Per registrarsi come studente, si debe inviare il numero e la data di scandenza della tessera di studente.

-All amounts are payable in Euro (€). All bank charges must be paid by the participants. Transfers will only be accepted until 15 April 2016. Registration fees can be paid online through PayPal. Please add 2 Euros to the main amount for the transfer expenses. Once payment has been made, no refund will be given. / Todos los pagos pueden hacerse en euros. Los costes adicionales deben ser pagados por los participantes. Las transferencias solo serán aceptadas hasta el 15 de abril de 2016. Las cuotas de inscripción pueden pagarse a través de Paypal. 2 euros adicionales por las transferencias. Una vez que el pago se ha realizado, no se harán devoluciones / Tutti i tassi possono essere pagate in euro. Ogni costi adizionali deve essere pagato per il partecipante. Transferimenti sono acettati fino al 15 Aprile 2016. Le tasse devono essere pagate con Paypal. 2 euro adizionali per transferimenti. Dopo il pagamento non si ritornerà il soldi.


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