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Perception and Perceptual Appearances in Ancient Philosophy - 20-21/05/2016, Cambridge (England)

This Masterclass has three related aims: to explore some of the alternative theories of perception put forward in antiquity; to compare ancient and contemporary debates on perception; and to investigate whether ancient theories of perception may bring light to some points of contemporary discussions. We welcome papers focused on the phenomenon of perception and related topics in ancient philosophy: What is it that we perceive? How can the structure of the experience be explained? Why do we perceive objects instead of disjoint arrays of sensible qualities? What are the metaphysical underpinnings of the different models of perception in antiquity? What are the causal mechanisms of perception? What is the nature of appearances? How should we approach conflicts of appearances? What is the nature of perceptual content? How can we explain the intentional character of our perceptual experiences? What is the metaphysical status of sensible qualities? Are sensible properties intrinsic properties of ordinary objects? Does awareness of a given affection imply commitment to the veridicality of its content? What is the relation between perceptual experiences and the external world? Should we consider the senses as sources of knowledge? What is the role of perception as a basis for empirical knowledge?

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 20-21/05/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Faculty of Classics, Cambridge University (Cambridge, England)


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