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Converging Empires: Ptolemies and Seleucids in the Hellenistic and Roman periods - 01/2017, Denver (

Affiliate Session- Association of Ancient Historians For AHA Annual Meeting in Denver, January 2017

With the death of Alexander the Great and the eventual disintegration of his widespread empire, the individual empires of the Ptolemies and the Seleucids grew. These two empires are recognized for their growth and development of early institutions that would shape the Ancient Mediterranean. Scholarship in the last two decades has expanded our understanding of how these two empires interacted within Greco-Roman society through history, religion, philosophy, archaeology, art history and demographics: Lewis (1986), Kuhrt (1987), (1993), Millar (1987), Lampela (1998), Hölbl (2001), and Manning (2009). Their research sought to discuss the political and military history as a means of connection and authority within the region; stressing instability rather than tradition and continuation.

Much scholarship, including museum exhibits, has looked at these two regions independently rather than their interactions, but this panel seeks to demonstrate that more can be done with historical and secular aspects of the period.

This panel will seek to show how there was a continuation and a dialogue within the region through the cultural, social and economic developments among the two empires and their connections with other burgeoning states.

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