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Sexuality of persuasion: Body, garb, and gender in Greek oratory- 08/04/2016, Edinburgh (Scotland)

FECHA /DATE/DATA: 08/04/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Classical Association Annual Conference 2016

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This panel aims to examine the persuasive potential of references to body, attire, and gender in Greek oratory. These are important aspects of the oratorical debate, whose influence on the audience has yet to be fully examined by modern scholarship on the Greek orators. In the transmitted speeches, references to an opponent’s unusual physical characteristics, attire, gait, gestures, posturing, sexual deviancy, villainy, or misbehaviour are a form of vigorous attack – often based on gendered expectations – that are aimed at undermining arguments, discrediting moral worth and social standing, and estranging the adversary from the audience. Conveners: Andreas Serafim (Trinity College Dublin/ Open University of Cyprus) & Eleni Volonaki (University of Peloponnese) Chair: Martine Cuypers (Trinity College Dublin) Panelists: 1. Thomas K. Hubbard (University of Texas at Austin): "Timarchus’ Body as Rhetorical Evidence" 2. Andreas Serafim (Trinity College Dublin/ Open University of Cyprus): "ἐξ ἀνανδρίας καὶ κιναιδίας ἐνεγκάμενος τοὔνομα: body, attire, and sexual deviancy in Aeschines’ speeches" 3. Konstantinos Kapparis (University of Florida): "Women in the dock: body and gender in women’s trials" 4. Eleni Volonaki (University of Peloponnese): "Women in homicide cases"

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