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Dialloghi sull'Archeologia della Magna Grecia e del Mediterraneo - 07-08-09/09/2016, Paestum (It

FECHA /DATE/DATA: 07-08-09/09/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Fundazione Paestum Onlus (Paestum, Italy)


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Authorities greetings

L. Godart, Councillor for Heritage Conservation, Presidenza dellaRepubblica, Quirinale

Inaugural Conference

P. Matthiae Archaeology in areas of war today. From destruction to rebirth

Weapons and wars

A.Vassilogamvrou, The Mycenaean palace of Sparta and his weapons. An epochal discovery

E.Greco, A. Correale, Hephaistia (Lemnos), The Sanctuary of the isthmus and its votive arrows

O.Voza, E. Pietroni, F. Antinucci. A siege of Paestum: multimedia version for Fondazione Paestum.

S.Vassallo, Winners and losers at Himera: archeology of two battlefields

The trophies and the altars

Raimon Graells i Fabregat, The modified image of the trophy: the suritalic trophy of the Antikensammlung München and its context

E.Kountouri, The Trophy of Silla in Chaeronea. From Plutarch’s description of the discovery of the monument.

S. Foresta, From the War to the Peace: the altar of Nikopolis and the ara Pacis of August.

l.Musso, The honorary arches of the Tripolitania

Civilization encounters

Paolo Gallo, An example of durable integration: Nelson’s Island, proto hellenistic colony on the Alexandrian coast.

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