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Simposio "Cassius Dio’s Secret History of Early Rome" - 25/04/2016, Glasgow (Scotland)

The first third of Dio's Roman History narrates a great expanse of the Roman past, from the arrival of Aeneas in Italy to the tribunate of Tiberius Gracchus; but it remains by far the least studied area of Cassius Dio's work. Although recent contributions have underlined important findings for our approach to the epitomated sections of the text (Fromentin 2013; Mallan 2013) and to Dio's treatment of the origin of Republican institutions (Hinard 2005; Urso 2011), the content, language, arrangement, and theoretical underpinning of the earlier account itself have eluded sustained enquiry.

This symposium seeks to redress that imbalance. To what extent was Dio receptive to idealised traditions of Early Rome, and how distinctive is his presentation of this period? Did the historian use his earlier books programmatically, as an opportunity to emphasise key factors of history which governed his interpretations throughout the work? What role does speech play in these fragmentary earlier books, and is this distinct from the historian’s later practice? More broadly, why were the surviving fragments excerpted at all?

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 25/04/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: The Murray Room, The University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Christopher William Burden - Strevens (University of Glasgow) ; Mads Lindholmer (Nniversity of Glasgow)



Fecha límite para la inscripción /deadline for the registration/deadline per la registrazione: 18/04/2016

PROGRAMA/PROGRAM/PROGRAMMA: abstracts disponibles online/ available abstracts online/ disponibile abstracts online

9:30-10:00 Registration & Coffee

10:00-10:10 Welcome

10:10-11:00 Panel 1: Fragments (Chair: Christopher Burden-Strevens, Glasgow)

Chris Mallan (Oxford): ‘The Regal Period in the Excerpta Constantiniana: The Extracts of Appian, Dionysius, Diodorus, and Cassius Dio’

11:00-11:20 Coffee

11:20-13:00 Panel 2: The Ideal Past (Chair: Jesper Madsen, SDU)

Carsten Hjort Lange (Aalborg): ‘Cassius Dio on Civil War and Violence: the Early Years’

Mads Lindholmer (Glasgow): ‘Breaking the Idealistic Paradigm: Ambition and Competition in Dio’s Republic’

13:00-13:40 Lunch

13:40-15:20 Panel 3: Senatorial Aristocracy (Chair: John Rich, Nottingham)

Marianne Coudry (Mulhouse): ‘The “Big Men” of the Middle Republic in Cassius Dio’s Roman History: Forerunners of the Late Republican Dynasts?’

Jesper Madsen (SDU): ‘From Noblemen to Crooks: the History of the Republican Senate’

15:20-15:40 Tea

15:40-17:20 Panel 4: Rhetorical Technique (Chair: Marianne Coudry, Mulhouse)

John Rich (Nottingham): ‘Speech in Cassius Dio, Books 1-35’

Christopher Burden-Strevens (Glasgow): ‘Placing and Misplacing Early Roman Imperialism in Cassius Dio’

17:20-18:00 Concluding Discussion (Director: Carsten Hjort Lange, Aalborg)

18:00- Drinks Reception & Dinner

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