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Erudition and Allusion in Theocritus - 27/05/2016, Athens (Greece)

Recent decades have witnessed increasing interest and important advances in our appreciation of Hellenistic poetry, and especially in the poetic corpus of Theocritus (3rd century BCE), one of the most versatile and innovative of the poets of the era. Though his name is synonymous with pastoral poetry, which he revolutionized, he also drew on the traditions of (urban) erotic poetry, on archaic lyric praise poetry in his compositions for the courts in Egypt and Syracuse, on popular song forms such as the wedding song, on archaic epic and the hexameter hymn tradition, and (like Herodas) on the popular mime. The skilful blending of traditions, the subtle intertextuality, the mixture of high and low, the often elusive wit and irony, all give him a unique position in the Greek (not just the Alexandrian) poetic corpus.

This international colloquium, which forms a collaborative project between UCL and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, assembles an international group of experts in the poetry of Hellenistic Greece. Our objective is to contribute to the current academic discussion over the significance of Theocritus’ oeuvre. By exploring a range of topics, we aim to further the better understanding of the poetry of this remarkable poet and the way that it absorbs, interacts with and reflects both the poetic and cultural past and the political/social and historical circumstances of his own time:

• Theocritus and the poetic tradition • Theocritus’ verbal art • Theocritus and religion • Theocritus and politics • Theocritus and Hellenistic aesthetics • Theocritus and Alexandrian scholarship/learning • Theocritus and Alexandrian life


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO :UCL & University of Athens (Athens, Greece)


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9.00 – 10.00 Arrival and Registration – Tea and Coffee 10.00 – 10.15 Welcome Speeches from Faculty Members of UOA: Eleni Karamalegkou (Dean of School of Philosophy) Nikolaos Georgantzoglou (Head of Section) Erasmia Stavropoulou (Head of Department) Opening of the Colloquium: Chris Carey (UCL) Session 1: Δάφνιδος ἄλγεα in Idylls 1 and 27 Chair: Chris Carey (UCL) 10.15 – 10.45 Marco Fantuzzi (University of Macerata) Daphnis(es) between Love Troubles and Sexual Satisfaction: Theocritus and Theocr. (?) 27 10.45 – 11.15 Ewen Bowie (Oxford) Daphnis’ Death in Theocritus 1: a hard way to go? 11.15 – 12.00 Tea and Coffee Session 2: Rejuvenating Archaic Poetry Chair: Kathryn Gutzwiller (Cincinnati) 12.00 – 12.30 Richard Hunter (Cambridge) Sappho and Theocritus Revisited 12.30 – 13.00 Maria Kanellou (UCL/OUC) The Art of Allusion in the Epigrams Ascribed to Theocritus 13.00 – 14.30 Lunch (5’ away from the venue) Location: The ‘Kapodistriako’ Kostis Palamas Building Academias 48 & Sina Str. Session 3: Modes of Irony in Theocritus Chair: Konstantinos Spanoudakis (University of Crete) 14.30 – 15.00 Styliani Chatzikosta (University of Athens) Allusive Erudition and Irony in Theocritus ‘Bucolic’ Idylls 15.00 – 15.30 Christophe Cusset (ENS Lyon) Allusion in Theocritus Id. 18: between Tradition and Politics 15.30 – 16.00 Tea and Coffee Session 4: A Kaleidoscopic Approach to Power in Theocritus Chair: Christos Fakas (University of Athens) 16.00 – 16.30 Évelyne Prioux (MAE/CNRS) Theocritus’ Astronomical Description in Idyll 24.11-12 16.30 – 17.00 Flora Manakidou (Democritus University of Thrace) Theocritus and Hesiod: more than poetry? 17.00 – 17.30 Tea and Coffee Session 5: Theocritus’ Bucolic Poetry: Debts, Innovations & Reception Chair: Richard Hunter (Cambridge) 17.30 – 18.00 Kathryn Gutzwiller (Cincinnati) Theocritus’ Learned Simplicity 18.00 – 18.30 Konstantinos Spanoudakis (University of Crete) Theocritean Techniques and their Survival 18.30 – 18.45 Closing Remarks: Chris Carey (UCL)

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