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SASCAR, The Southeast Aegean/Southwest Coastal Anatolian Region: Material Evidence and Cultural Iden

The Italian Archaeological School at Athens presents the SASCAR International Conference, which will take place at the School from May 12th to May 14th, 2016. The SASCAR International Conference is focused on the Southeast Aegean/Southwest Coastal Anatolian Region and the neighboring areas during the Early and Middle Bronze Age periods. It is an event organized by Toula Marketou and Salvatore Vitale and sponsored by the Italian Archaeological School at Athens and the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP).

This conference is the first in a series of three events focused on material evidence and cultural identity in the Southeast Aegean/Southwest Coastal Anatolian Region (SASCAR) during the Bronze Age.

The SASCAR may be defined as the area between Kasos, Karpathos, and Rhodes to the south, Astypalaia to the west, Samos to the north, and Miletus and Tavşan Adası to the east. As a major passageway between Asia Minor, Cyprus, and the Near East on one side and the western Aegean on the other, the SASCAR developed from the Early Bronze Age (EBA) a dynamic and distinct cultural assemblage, which included important sites such as the Samian Heraion, Miletus, the “Serraglio”, and Ialysos.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 12-13-14/05/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Italian Archaeological School at Athens, Parthenonos 14, (Athens, Greece)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Toula Marketou (Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese); Salvatore Vitale (University of Pisa)

INFO: (Toula Marketou); (Salvatore Vitale)



May 12, 2016

- Greetings, Introduction, and Keynote Address

9.00-9.15 – E. Greco Greetings by the Director of the Italian Archaeological School at Athens

9.15-9.30 – M. Andreadaki Vlazaki Greetings by the General Secretary of Culture, Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Hellenic Republic

9.30-9.45 – S. Vitale and T. Marketou Why a Conference on the Southeast Aegean/Southwest Coastal Anatolian Region? Present Questions and Future Research

9.45-10.15 – B. Horejs and P. Pavúk Islands on the Horizon. Eastern Aegean and Western Anatolia in the Early and Middle Bronze Age

Session I. The Southern and Western Dodecanese

Chair: C. Nowicki

10.15-10.45 – T. Marketou From the Proto-Urban Settlement of Asomatos to the Middle Bronze Age Town of Ialysos. Change or Continuity?

10.45-11.15 – E. Farmakidou Stone-axes from the Castle of Syme

11.15-11.45 – Coffee Break

11.45-12.15 – I. Nikolakopoulou Small Island Worlds: South Aegean Routes and Encounters in the Middle Bronze Age

12.15-12.45 – A. Vlachopoulos Vathy, Astypalaia: An Early Cycladic Site in the Dodecanese

12.45-13.15 – A. Angelopoulou Astypalaia and the Cyclades: The Early Bronze Age Pottery Evidence from Vathy on Astypalaia

13.15-15.00 – Lunch Break -

Session II. The Northern Dodecanese

Chair: J.L. Davis

15.00-15.30 – M. Benzi The Island of Kalymnos in the Early Bronze Age

15.30-16.00 – S. Vitale, T. Marketou, C. McNamee, D. Pirisino The Asklupis Area, the “Serraglio”, and Northeast Kos from the Final Neolithic to the End of the Middle Bronze Age: Site Distribution, Landscape, and Cultural Choices

16.00-16.30 – S. Vitale and J. Morrison The Final Neolithic, Early, and Middle Bronze Age Pottery from the Asklupis and the ‘Serraglio’ Area on Kos I: Chronology, Fabrics, Function, and Technology

16.30-17.00 – S. Vitale, I. Iliopoulos, J. Morrison, K.-S. Passa, and T. Marketou The Final Neolithic, Early, and Middle Bronze Age Pottery from the Asklupis and the ‘Serraglio’ Area on Kos II: An Experimental Study of Natural Resources and Potting Practices

17.00-17.30 – Coffee Break

17.30-18.00 – S. Vitale, I. Moutafi, E. Vika Human Osteological Remains and Burial Practices at the Early Bronze Age 2 Cemetery of the Asklupis on Kos

18.00-18.30 – T. Marketou The Early Bronze Age Settlement at Serayia (Seraglio) on Kos

18.30-19.00 – S. Souvatzi and T. Marketou The Cave of Aspri Petra on the Island of Kos: Meanings of Space, Landscape, and Connectivity from the End of the Neolithic to the End of the Early Bronze Age

May 13, 2016

- Session III. Samos and the Southwest Anatolian Coast

Chair: W.-D. Niemeier

9.00-9.30 – O. Kouka, S. Menelaou, and Y. Maniatis Filling in the Puzzle: A Holistic Approach on the Early Bronze Age at the Heraion on Samos

9.30-10.00 – O. Kouka and Y. Maniatis The Middle Bronze Age at the Heraion on Samos: A Bright Epilogue in the Settlement History at the Heraion?

10.00-10.30 – O. Kouka At the Mouth of the Maeander River: The Early Bronze Age in Miletus

10.30-11.00 – J. Hilditch and C. Knappett Early and Middle Bronze Age Ceramic Fabrics from Miletus

11.00-11.30 – Coffee Break

11.30-12.00 – F. Bertemes Tavşan Adası: Minoans in Asia Minor?

12.00-12.30 – K. Eckert The Middle Bronze Age Ceramics of Tavşan Adası in Their South Aegean Context -

Session IV. Special Topics

Chair: W.-D. Niemeier

12.30-13.00 – J. Cutler Weaving Connections: Textile Technology in the Southeast Aegean/Southwest Coastal Anatolian Region and Neighboring Areas in the Early and Middle Bronze Age

13.00-13.30 – M. Massa South-Western Anatolia and Its Relations with the Dodecanese, Crete and the Cyclades During the Late 4th and 3rd Millennia BCE: A Funerary Perspective

13.30-15.30 – Lunch Break - Session Va. Contacts with Other Areas: The Northeast Aegean and Northwest Coastal Anatolia Chair: L. Hitchcock

15.30-16.00 – S. Ünlüsoy Troy and the South Aegean During the Early and Middle Bronze Age: An Ambiguous Relationship

16.00-16.30 – M. Cultraro Passive Periphery or Transcultural World? Poliochni on Lemnos and the Neighboring Areas During the Early and Middle Bronze Age

16.30-17.00 – C. Boulotis The Middle Bronze Age Settlement of Koukonisi on Lemnos: Ceramic Identities, Peculiarities, and Interconnections. Asking Questions About Chronological Boundaries and Transitions

17.00-17.30 – Coffee Break

17.30-18.00 – V. Şahoğlu Çeşme – Bağlararası: A Bronze Age Harbour Settlement in Coastal Western Anatolia

18.00-18.30 – B. Horejs and M. Mehofer Çukuriçi Höyük: An Early Metallurgical Center in the Central Aegean Coast of Anatolia

May 14, 2016 -

Session Vb. Contacts with Other Areas: Cyprus and the Cyclades

Chair: P. Sotirakopoulou

9.00-9.30 – G. Graziadio The Aegean and Cyprus from the End of the Early Bronze Age to the End of the Middle Bronze Age and the Role of the Dodecanese in the Cypro-Aegean Interaction

9.30-10.00 – M. Marthari Some Observations on the Contacts Between the Cyclades and the Southeastern Aegean from the Early Bronze Age to the Early Late Bronze Age

10.00-10.30 – N. Abell The Cyclades and the Southeastern Aegean Before the Late Bronze Age: A Keian Perspective

10.30-11.00 – Coffee Break -

Session Vc. Contacts with Other Areas: Crete and the Greek Mainland

Chair: S. Voutsaki

11.00-11.30 – L. Bonga and S. Ferrence Pelekita Cave, Kato Zakros, Crete: Late Neolithic and Minoan Interactions with the Dodecanese

11.30-12.00 – S. Todaro and P. Tomkins Friends Across the Water? Connectivity and Cultural Interaction Between Crete and the Southeast Aegean from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age

12.00-12.30 – A. Van de Moortel Ships and Seafaring in the Chalcolithic, Early Bronze Age, and Middle Bronze Age Aegean: The Role of the East Aegean and Crete

12.30-13.00 – J.B. Rutter Slim Pickings from the Far West? Evidence for Southeastern Aegean Interactions with the Greek Mainland, ca. 4500- 2000 BCE.

13.00-15.00 – Lunch Break

- Discussants’ Contributions and Final Discussion Among All Participants

15.00-15.30 – L. Hitchcock

15.30-16.00 – P. Sotirakopoulou

16.00-16.30 – C. Nowicki

16.30-17.00 – S. Voutsaki

17.00-17.30 – Coffee Break

17.30-18.30 – Final Discussion

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