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Archaeoacoustics III. The Archaeology of sound - 4-5-6-7-8/10/2017, Tomar (Portugal)

Our focus is the ancient use of sound in sacred and contemplative spaces, and a timeless continuity of human behavior that includes vocalization and acute aural sensitivity.

It is no secret that ancient cultures all over the world have exploited natural sound phenomena for sacred and ceremonial use. Those people who attended or have read the papers in the publication from the first Archaeoacoustics Conference have also discerned that Stone Age builders (at least on Malta) knew how to impart an impressive human psychological and physiological experience, whether they could explain the science of the method or not

ARCHAEOACOUSTICS I in 2014 was a pioneering event that opened a door for study. The second conference in Istanbul introduced more ways of interpreting the “soundtrack of the past”. Now we move forward armed with the beginnings of a methodology informed by diverse expertise. Our goal for ARCHAEOACOUSTICS III is to carry onward the insightful advantage of this multidisciplinary approach.

- Let’s continue to explore the world’s ancient shrines and sacred spaces to identify any patterns.

- Let’s examine all aspects of ancient traditions of the use of sound and stone to evoke an altered state of consciousness.

- Let’s see how all this directly relates to the design of contemplative architecture and potential applications for today.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 4-5-6-7-8/10/2017


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: The OTS Fundation; The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar ; Instituto Terra e Memoria; Geosciences Centre of Coimbra University

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