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Gregynog Ancient History and Classics colloquium: Death, burial, and the underworld - 12-13/05/2016,

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 12-13/05/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Gregynog Hall, University of Wales (Gregynog, Wales)




Participantes / staff / partecipanti: £85

Estudiantes / students / studenti: £49


Nicholas Mataya (Swansea): 'Evangelisation through Death: Late Roman Martyr Literature on the Danubian and Ebroan Frontiers' Ruth Parkes (UWTSD) 'Death in Claudian's "De Raptu"' Magdalena Öhrman (UWTSD): 'Weave: interrupted = Girl: interrupted? Proserpina's weaving in Claudian's "De Raptu"' Leigh Rowan Herring (Swansea) 'Pagan influences on the image of the Christian Devil' Fiona Mitchell (UWTSD) ‘Peripheral and subterranean spaces in Hesiod’s "Theogony"’ Sofia Bianchi Mancini (UWTSD) 'Shame, honour and the importance of the underworld in the Greek defixiones iudiciariae' Chiara Strazzulla (Cardiff) 'Dr. Roman and Mr. Etruscan: changing and parallel identities in family tombs from Northern Etruria' Errietta Bissa (UWTSD) 'The role of assassination in democratic politics in Classical Athens' Kyle Erickson (UWTSD) 'Alexander's death and prophecies of kingship' Ian Repath (Swansea) ‘Achilles Tatius and the Ordeal of the Phoenix’ Rachel Bird (Swansea) 'Death and Gender in Heliodorus' "Aethiopica"'

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