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Regionalism and Integration in the later Roman empire (AD 270-305) - 15-16/06/2016, St Andrews (Scot

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 15-16/06/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: School of Classics, University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: School of Classics (St Andrews); the Institute of Classical Studies (London).

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Plazo/deadline: 10/06/2016 Entradas disponibles aquí/ Tickets available here/ Tickets disponibile qui

Postgraduados/postgraduates/laureati: 6£

Otros no participantes/ other non-speakers / altri non-partecipanti: 12£


- 45£ (incluido 1 día de alojamiento/ 1 day of accomodation included/una giornata di alloggio incluso)

- 90£ (incluidos dos días de alojamiento/ 2 days of accomodation included/due giorni di allogio incluso)


OPENING LECTURE – 15 JUNE 2016 (School V, St Salvator’s Quad)

17:00 - Jean-Michel Carrié (Paris), “The invention of a new style of imperial communication under the Tetrarchy”

CONFERENCE – 16 JUNE 2016 (Arts Lecture Theatre)

09:00 – Opening

09:15-10:45 – Emperors and emperorship

* Caillan Davenport (Brisbane), “Perceptions of emperors and empire in the Eastern provinces, A.D. 270-305”

* Verena Jaeschke (Frankfurt (Oder), “Visualizing the Tetrarchic concept of sovereignty – some remarks on the architectural monumentalization of tetrarchic principal residences”

* Umberto Roberto (Rome), “Some considerations on Diocletian's stay in the East (299-302)”

11:00-12:30 – Regional dynamics and the impact of empire

* Monica Hellström (Durham), “Towns and economic production: the building spree of T. Aurelius Aristobulus and C. Macrinius Sossianus”

* Aitor Blanco-Pérez (Cologne), “Local epigraphic sources and civic life in South-Western Asia Minor: AD 270-305”

* Antony Hostein (Paris), “How and why did Thessalonici become Galerius' capital? Regional transformations in Macedonia and the Balkans (Gordian III to Diocletian)”

14:00 – 15:30 – Regional dynamics and reactions to empire

* Dr. Josipa Lulić (Zagreb), “Performing the province: Creation of provincial religious institutions in the Roman Empire”

* Edwin Hustwit (Bangor), “An imperial people? Isolation, integration and the shaping of British provincial identity in the late third and early fourth centuries”

* Uiran Gebara da Silva (São Paulo), “The 3rd century Bagaudae in the panegyrics to Maximian: between dissidence and integration”

16:00-17:30 – The limits of integration

* Nicholas Baker-Brian (Cardiff), “Against all dogmas: The controversial integration of Manichaeism in the Roman Empire”

* Noel Lenski (Yale), “Mass migrations and population integration in the late third century (260-305)”

* Mark Humphries (Swansea), “It was a period of civil war…”

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