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Archaia Grammata. The Local scripts of Archaic Greece - 30/06, 01/07/2016, Oxford (England)

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 30/06, 01/07/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ioannou School, University of Oxford (Oxford, England)


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June 30.

9. 15. Welcome.

Charles Crowther, ‘The Anne Jeffery Archive’.

9. 45. Roger Woodard, ‘Contextualizing the Origin of the Greek Alphabet.’

10.30. Coffee.

11.00. Andrew Meadows, ‘Legends on Early Coins’.

Peter Haarer, ‘Letter Frequencies and 'Retrograde' in Early Alphabetic Greek Writing’.

12.45 Lunch.

3.00. Rudolf Wachter, ‘The Genesis of the Local Alphabets of Archaic Greece’.

Nino Luraghi, ‘Sounds, Signs, and Boundaries’.

4. 45 Tea.

5. 15 Nikolaos Papazarkadas, ‘Local Scripts of Boeotia’.

July 1.

9.15. Catherine Morgan, ‘The Formation of Epichoric Alphabets in the Area of the Corinthian Gulf and the Central Ionian Islands: Material Considerations'.

Alan Johnston, ‘LSAG Dodona a no-no?’.

11.00. Coffee.

11.30 Julián Méndez Dosuna, ‘The Pronunciation of Upsilon and Related Matters. A U-Turn’.

Sophie Minon, ‘Alphabetic and Graphic Mutations in the Peloponnese: the Case of Arcadia (c. 500-350 BC)’.

1.15 Lunch.

2.30 Rosalind Thomas , 'Writing and Pre-writing at Methone and Eretria'.

James Whitley, 'Regions within regions: patterns of epigraphic habits within Archaic Crete'.

4. 15 Tea

5.00 Angelos Matthaiou, ‘Attica,the Attic-Ionic and the Doric Islands of the Cyclades: New Evidence’.

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