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Hesiod and the Presocratics - 23-24-25/06/2016, Leiden (Netherlands)

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 23-24-25/06/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Leiden University (Leiden, Netherlands)


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Thursday, June 23rd

10.00: Registration 10.45: Welcome and introduction: Leopoldo Iribarren & Hugo Koning

11.00-12.00 Keynote: André Laks (Mexico) ‘Substance and function: Hesiod and (the beginnings of Greek) philosophy’ 12.00-13.30 Lunch 13.30-14.15 André Lardinois (Nijmegen) ‘Wisdom and Not: An Epistemological Contest between Homer and Hesiod’ 14.15-15.00 Philippe Rousseau (Lille) ‘Why did "Hesiod" name and put himself on the stage in the proem of the Theogony?’ 15.00-15.30 Coffee 15.30-16.15 Ilaria Andolfi (Rome) ‘A Grammar of Self-Referential Statements. Claims for authority from Hesiod to the Presocratics’ 16.15-17.00 Tom Mackenzie (Cambridge) ‘Hesiod, the Presocratics and the genre of early Greek Didactic’ 17.00-17.45 Shaul Tor (London) Hesiod and his successors on divine disclosure’ 18.00-19.30 Drinks 19.30 Dinner

Friday, June 24th

9.00-10.00 Keynote: Jenny Strauss Clay (Virginia) ‘Hesiod reads Empedocles’ 10.00-10.30 Coffee 10.30-11.15 Marco Santamaria (Salamanca) ‘The exile of the demons in Empedocles fr. 115 DK and the punishment of the oath-breaking gods in Hesiod’s Theogony 780-806’ 11.15-12.00 Alexander Egorov (Utrecht) ‘The Hesiodic Myth of the Five Races and Empedocles’ Account of the Golden Age’ 12.00-14.00 Lunch & walk in the gardens 14.00-14.45 Xavier Gheerbrant (Lille) ‘Narrators, addressees, cosmology and the human condition in Empedocles and Hesiod’s poems’ 14.45-15.30 Valeria Piano (Naples) ‘From humans to cosmos: daimons in Hesiod, the Derveni papyrus, and early Greek philosophy’ 15.30-16.00 Coffee 16.00-16.45 Stephan Scully (Boston) ‘δίκη in Hesiod, Anaximander and Heraclitus’ 16.45-17.30 Sandra Scepanovic (Belgrade) ‘Hesiod and the Presocratics on time’ 18.00-19.30 Drinks 19.30 Dinner

Saturday, June 25th

9.00-10.00 Keynote: Glenn Most (Chicago-Pisa) ‘After the Catalogue’ 10.00-10.30 Coffee 10.30-11.15 Kathryn Morgan (UCLA) Title forthcoming 11.15-12.00 Pierre Judet de La Combe (Paris) ‘Myth as mythology’ 12.00-13.30 Lunch 13.30-14.15 Athanassios Vergados (Heidelberg) ‘Hesiod and some linguistic approaches of the 5th c. BC’ 14.15-15.00 Hunter, Richard (Cambridge) ‘Hesiod and the Presocratics: a Hellenistic Perspective’ 15.00-15.45 Wrapping up and goodbyes

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