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CALL. 01.08.2016: ASCS 38th Annual Meeting - 31-01-02-03/01-02/2017, Wellington (New Zealand)

The Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS) aims at the advancement of the study of ancient Greece and Rome and related fields. Membership is open to all present and past researchers, teachers and students of the languages, literature, history, thought and archaeology of the ancient world, and other interested persons.

We welcome abstracts on all aspects of the classical world and the classical tradition. It is not necessary to be a member of ASCS in order to submit an abstract.



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)


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Offers of papers, posters, panels and archaeological reports should be accompanied by an abstract of 150-250 words. Abstracts over the limit will be returned to the person making the offer to be reworded to fit the maximum and delays in conforming to this limit could lead to the rejection of the offer. On the other hand, abstracts should not be so short that the review committee will not get the real gist of what you want to argue. Advice on what should be contained in an abstract is given below as a guide, particularly for those with less experience in offering conference papers.

Remember that the readers of your paper will not know who you are, nor anything about your reputation as a speaker. They will have only the abstract or, in the event that it is part of a panel, the panel description and associated abstracts. You need to convince them that you have something worthwhile to say, that it is in touch with relevant works of scholarship (where relevant), and that your argument can be delivered in 20 minutes.

The abstract should contain the following information:

  • a clear statement of the problem you seek to solve or the question you want to answer

  • a brief explanation of the abstract’s evidence base and its relationship to the existing literature on the topic

  • an indication of how you intend to resolve the issue and what about your argument is new or worth hearing.

You should include short citations of the modern works which are seminal to the argument. Choose them carefully. We want to know that you are in touch with the most appropriate scholarship. We do not need a full list and require that you select only three.

Full bibliographical details (which do not count in the word limit) of these works should be supplied at the end of the abstract.

Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts should be sent to the dedicated conference abstracts email address ( Your abstract should use the ASCS 38 abstract coversheet located here. The coversheet can also be found via the ASCS website.

You are asked to nominate up to three areas of study (listed on the coversheet) which best fit the content and intention of your study. Your nominations will directly affect who initially assesses your abstract and, if the paper is accepted, can determine where you are placed on the conference program.

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