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CALL. 30.11.2016: [ROUND TABLE] Voices in Late Latin Poetry (International Graduate and Early Career



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (England)




Late Latin poetry, the Latin poetry of late antiquity, has been the focus of exciting research in the recent past and this conference hopes to showcase some of it! In particular, it will offer a platform to uncover some of the many voices in late Latin poetry and make them heard - whether they be loud or silent, manifest, hidden or allegorical, classical or experimental, narrators’ or characters’, divine or human, male or female, Roman, Vandal, Visigothic, Frankish, Merovingian or migrant, central or peripheral, bishops’, landowners’, lawyers’, panegyrists’ or martyrs’.

‘Voices’ have been studied in the contexts of such diverse disciplines as sociolinguistics, anthropology, pragmatics, postcolonialism, literary criticism (e.g. Bakhtin), migrant studies and discourse analysis. While papers exploring late Latin poetry as literature without a theoretical backing will be just as welcome as those with an explicit discussion of theory, the event also hopes to highlight methodological approaches that work particularly well for late Latin poetry.

Papers (25 min) on any voice(s) in late Latin poetry are invited from graduate students and early career researchers (see below Option A). Posters(see below Option B) are also welcome, as is the participation of advanced researchers in a round-table discussion on the future of research on late Latin poetry (see below Option C).

Option C (advanced researchers only): round-table discussion

Let me ( know by 30 November 2016 if you would like to take part. I would be delighted to have some of you on board!

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