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Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 12,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes V - 20-21-22-23-

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 20-21-22-23-24/03/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Kiel University (Kiel, Germany)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Graduate School Coordinator / Speaker: Prof. Dr Johannes Müller ; Scientific coordinator: PD Dr Mara Weinelt ; Workshop organisation: Graduate School Office Team (Jirka Niklas Menke, Sabine Zeller, Petra Mader, Florian Bauer, Angelika Hoffmann, Boris Gudschun)

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PROGRAMA/PROGRAM/PROGRAMMA: información de cada sesión / information for each session / informazione per ogni sessione

SESSION 1: How’s life? Living conditions in Europe in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC Conveners: J. Kneisel, N. Taylor, M. Wieckowska-Lüth, M. dal Corso, M. Zanon, W. Kirleis

SESSION 2: Structure, network and space: Neolithic and chalcolithic settlements and their social meaning Conveners: J. Müller, H. Tiede, K. Rassmann

SESSION 3: ‘Tonight will be a memory too’ – Memory and landscapes Conveners: C. Horn, A. Haug, G. Wollentz

SESSION 4: Lost in the Lowlands – complementing the Early Lateglacial puzzle Conveners: M. Wild, B. Eriksen

SESSION 5: Thinking inside the vessel: ceramic development in prehistory through the interpretation of vessel use and function Conveners: R. Staniuk, M. Savu, F. Faupel, I. Franz, R. Hofmann, J. Kneisel, H. Raese

SESSION 6: Exploring inter-regional interactions in the first Millennium BC in Europe Conveners: O. Nakoinz, J. Kneisel, F. Faupel, S. Stoddart, J. Martens

The sessions 7, 8 and 9 are going to be held one after the other under the common block title “Quantitative analysis and modelling in archaeology”.

  • SESSION 7: Quantitative approaches as basis for simulation of prehistoric economy and environment Conveners: W. Dörfler, I. Feeser, W. Kirleis, O. Nakoinz, M. Hinz

  • SESSION 8: Spatial analysis for understanding ancient human-landscape developments Conveners: N. Grunert, O. Nakoinz, L. Yang

  • SESSION 9: Agent based modelling of human-environmental interactions in archaeology: Putting models into practices Conveners: M. Hinz, L. Yang

SESSION 10: Understanding Inequality: New Perspectives Convener: V. Arponen

SESSION 11: From preurban structures to cities: urban space as an action context Conveners: S. Merten, A. Haug

SESSION 12: Deserted Places as objects of Historical Science – Approaches and Issues Conveners: S. Magnussen, O. Auge

SESSION 13: Interrelationships of climate, environment and socio-cultural changes through mid to late Holocene in the Mediterranean area Conveners: L. Yang, M. Weinelt, I. Unkel, A. Oflaz, C. von Scheffer

SESSION 14: Extrapolating from the Provincial: Linking Ancient Societies, Technologies, and Landscape Use in Eurasia Conveners: A. Ventresca Miller, T. Hermes

SESSION 15: Riverbanks and Seashores: The Baltic Sea basin and adjacent areas in the Early and Mid-Holocene Conveners: D. Groß, H. Lübke, S. Dreibrodt

SESSION 16: Archaeology and environmental history in lake catchment areas Conveners: S. Dreibrodt, I. Feeser, W. Dörfler

SESSION 17: Comparative Studies in Stone and Bronze Age Demography Conveners: B. Eriksen, R. Hofmann, J. Müller, R. Ohlrau

SESSION 18: Lakescapes and Seascapes of Neolithic and Bronze Age societies Conveners: S. Hansen, J. Müller, M. Savu

SESSION 19: Archaeological Heritage Management – the Practical Side Conveners: K. Iwe, U. Müller, S. Steigerwald

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