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The Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) 2016 Annual Meeting - 07-08-09/09/2016, Plzen (Czech R

The Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) will holds its Annual Conference in Pilsen (Czech Republic). The meeting includes papers and posters, social events, and a field trip. Papers given at the AARG conference are grouped into themed sessions.

- teaching aerial archaeology / teaching landscapes - aerial archaeology of the recent past - experiments - aerial archaeology and art - changing landscapes

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 07-08-09/09/2016

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOCO: Kopeckého sady 357/2, Vnitřní Město, 301 00 Plzeň (Czech Republic)


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  • Late registration deadline: 04/09/2016

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9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-10:00 AGM and opening remarks

10-10:25 Martin Barber“A synthesis situated in the passage of time”: the 1914-18 view from above and contemporary art.

10:25-10:50 Sarah Horlock To recognise haunted, frigid soil is a difficult art: Artistic Responses to First World War aerial photographs

10:50-11:15 Kamila Oles and Łukasz Banaszek LidART? Works of art created by means of laser scanning or a quality crisis regarding extraction of artistic values from a continuum of visualness?

11:20-11:50 coffee

11:50-12:15 David Novak Geomorphometry as a means of exploring the past landscape

12:15-12:40 Martin Gojda & Lucie Čulíková 25 years in the sky over Bohemia. Final notes on the 1992 – 2016 air-borne story

12:40-13:35 lunch

13:35-14:00 Martin Kuna Structuring archaeological evidence of the CR

14:00-14:25 Lenka Starkova The mapping of archaeological sites in Iraqi Kurdistan through remote sensing data.

14:25-14:50 René Pelegrin - Marc Lodewijckx Aerial Archaeology of the Recent Past – Examples from Belgium

14:50-15:15 Christopher Sevara et al Prospecting Boundaries: Exploring Landscape Change in Western Sicily

15:15-15:55 Annapaola Mosca A reconstruction of the archaeological landscape of Carthage through the aerial photographs

15:40-16:10 coffee

16:10-16:35 Chris Cox Self Teaching and Teaching Others

16:35-16:50 Bartul Šiljeg and Hrvoje Kalafatić From prehistoric enclosure to the vineyard and back

16:50-17:15 Gros MilaniWWII archive BSR Athens

17:15-17:40 Kasper Hanus Self-education, landscapes and cyberpunk archaeology.


9:30-9:35 opening remarks

9:35-10:00 Piotr Wroniecki Reinventing the Wheel. Non-invasive classification of the loess landscape in Southern Poland

10:00-10:25 Michael Doneus Automated archiving of oblique aerial photographs

10:25-10:50 Charles Yuill Adaptive Remote Sensing and Data Fusion Methods for Archeological Investigations in a Complex Mountainous Landscape

10:50-11:15 Csilla Gáti, Gábor Bertók, Béla Simon Data harvesting? "Cutting edge" technology? – agricultural aspects of non-invasive archaeology

11:15-11:45 coffee

11:45-12:10 Peter Halkon Mapping a changing landscape: one cannot rely on cropmarks alone!

12:10-12:35 Victorino Mayoral Herrera Searching the vanished landscapes of south-western Iberia with the aid of lidar and historical aerial images

12:35-13:00 Carmen Bem Lost and found. Archaeological sites over the p

13:00-14:00 lunch

14:00-14:25 Jan Zipser Reconstructing Changed Landscape. The Przeworsk Culture in Widawa Basin

14:25-14:50 Adara López-López, Enrique Cerrillo-Cuenca Using LiDAR data for the detection of ditched and walled enclosures in Badajoz region (Extremadura, Spain)

14:50-15:15 Ralf Hesse How do landscapes change? A discussion of scales and perspectives

15:15-15:40 posters

15:40-16:10 coffee

16:10-16:35 Dimitrij Mlekuz From quantity to a new quality: Big Data and landscape archaeology

16:35-16:50 Dave Cowley, Arianna Traviglia, and Karsten Lambers Finding common ground: Human and computer vision in archaeological prospection and interpretation

16:50-17:00 Toby Driver Shared goals: Using airborne imagery to develop landscape understanding (however we do it)

17:00-17:25 general discussion

17:25-17:40 closing remarks Rachel Opitz


9:00-17:00 (approximately) Field Trip


9:00-13:00 ArcLand Meeting - Associated Event

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