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CALL. 28.10.2016: [SESSION 11] Corpus of Analysis in the Research on Ancient Eastern Mediterranean a




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Georgia State University in Atlanta, (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Vanessa Juloux ; Alessandro di Ludovico

INFO: web


Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia are areas that have been affected in the past by intense movements and contacts among a number of different cultures, a large part of which still deserves to be properly outlined and identified. The methods that scholars can utilize to face such a challenge include very fruitful and promising support in quantitative approaches which, however, often remain experimental. The main problematic issue seems to be the lack of a debate in which the different approaches can be compared and coordinated, of course, taking into account the peculiarities of the research fields related to these regions, languages and cultures. The object of this session, therefore, is to provide just such an occasion for an actual debate on the strategies that consider how to organise and analyse the corpora of data, potentially with digital collaboration i.e. crowd-sourcing. Any kind of applications of old and new models and the logics involved in the study of cultural features can be included; the basic aim is to compare and share experiments in the fields of E-Philology, semantic annotation, data mining, open archives, digitization of information, automated integration of missing, incomplete or corrupted data, and the like. Philological works and any types of archaeological perspectives on written documents are warmly welcome. In any case, it is of course recommended that the adopted methodology be clearly described. The chronological range goes from the Prehistory to the Middle Ages, geographically covering all regions from the Iranian plateau to the Hellenic peninsula, and from the Black Sea to North Eastern Africa and to the Red Sea area. Besides concrete applications with results, purely theoretical proposals - as well projects still in progress - are also welcome.

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