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60th MVHC: Remembering and Being Remembered: Monuments, Memorials, and Legacies -02-03-04/03/2017, O

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60th Missouri Valley History Conference:

Monuments, memorials, and legacies encompass the multiple ways in which individuals and societies remember their past and strive to be remembered, from the monumental complex of Stonehenge to the era of Twitter and Snapchat. Does our present shape the way we remember and memorialize the past or is it rather the memory of our past that influences our behavior today? The conference aims to bring together scholars exploring various aspects of how oral and written stories, memorials, monuments, and museums present answers to the eternal human need to remember the past and leave a mark not to be forgotten.

Plenary speaker: Robin Fleming – Boston College

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 02-03-04/03/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Magnolia Hotel, Omaha (Nebraska, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Martina Saltamacchia (Conference Coordinator)

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