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Columbia University Ancient Near East Seminar - 12/11/2016, New York (USA)



FECHA/DATE/DATA: 12/11/2016


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Schermerhorn Hall 501, Columbia University (New York, USA)



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Saturday November 12, 2016   Columbia University   Schermerhorn Hall 501

8:30                 Registration: Schermerhorn Hall, Room 501, Columbia University    
9:00-9:10        Welcome and Opening Remarks 
                     Allan S. Gilbert (Fordham U.)
9:10-9:45        Keynote Address: History of the Columbia Seminar on the ANE
      Irene J. Winter (Harvard U.)  
Session I: Material Culture
9:45-10:10      Stories from the Past: Opportunities and Challenges of the Permanent Installation of the Near East Collections at the Penn
      Holly Pittman (U. of Pennsylvania)    
10:10-10:30    What is the Matter with Ancient Near Eastern Art? New Materiality Studies and Art History of the Ancient Near East
      Marian Feldman (Johns Hopkins U.)                                                             
10:30-10:50    Seeing and Showing Seals - Ancient and Modern Display
      Agnete W. Lassen (Yale U.)
10:50-11:10    Coffee Break
Session II: Innovations in Archaeological Science
11:10-11:30    At-Risk World Heritage and the Cyber-Archaeology Revolution
      Thomas E. Levy (UC San Diego)        
11:30-11:50    The Present and Future of Landscape Research in the Ancient Near East
      Jason Ur (Harvard U.)           
11:50-12:10    From Agents (Kings, etc., to Archaeologists and their Records) and Objects and their Contexts (stratigraphie comparée) to
      Calendar Time: Problems, Prospects and the Role of Archaeological Science
      Sturt Manning (Cornell U.)    
12:10-13:30    Lunch for conferees
Session III: Complex Societies and Texts
13:30-13:50    Emergence and Change in Early Urban Societies
      Marcella Frangipane (U. di Roma “La Sapienza”)    
14:00-14:20    The modern West and the ancient Near East
      Eva von Dassow (U. of Minnesota)                
14:20-14:40    Business from the Beginning. Developments in Economic History and the Study of Trade in the Ancient Near East
      Gojko Barjamovic (Harvard U.)                                 
14:40-15:00    Cultural Heritage and Destruction of Sites in Syria and Iraq
      Katharyn Hanson (Smithsonian)                    
15:00-15:20    Coffee Break
Session IV: Future Directions in Ancient Near Eastern Studies
15:20-18:30    Round Table Discussion: Moderator Irene J. Winter (Harvard) with
                                Lorenzo d’Alfonso (ISAW, NYU)
                                Marian Feldman (Johns Hopkins U.)
                        Ömür Harmanşah (U. Illinois, Chicago)                      
                        Robert Koehl (Hunter College, CUNY)                       
                        Rita Wright (NYU)                               
                         Aslıhan Yener (Koç U.)                       
                                and seminar associates
18:30               Dinner for conferees


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