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CALL. 18.11.2016: Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) - Durham (England)





ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: TRAC 2017 Local Organizing Committee: Andrew Tibbs (Chair); Dr Amy Russell (Vice Chair); Rachel Chappel; Emily Hanscam; Madeline Line; Fabio Luci; Dr Brian Buchanan; Dr Rob Witcher

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Paper submissions for TRAC sessions should include the speaker’s name, title, institution, and an abstract of no more than 300 words. Please indicate which session you wish to contribute to, or if you are submitting for the general session. If the session is oversubscribed, submitted papers will also be considered for the general session. Below is the list of accepted sessions and organisers.


S1. Dialectics of Religion in the Roman Empire

Organisers: Francesca Mazzilli (University of Cambridge), Dies van der Linde (Koç University)

S2. A Globalised Visual Culture? Towards a Geography of Late Antique Art

Organisers: Fabio Guidetti (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Exzellenzcluster Topoi), Katharina Meinecke (Universität Wien, Institut für Klassische Archäologie)

S3. “The Seamless Web and the Empire without Limits: Society and technology in the Roman Empire and beyond”

Organisers: Owen Humphreys (University of Reading), Adam Sutton (University of Reading)

S4. Social boundaries in the Roman world

Organiser: Andrew Gardner (University College London)

S5. Theorising Roman wells and their contents: beyond structured deposition

Organiser: James Gerrard (Newcastle University)

S6. Luxury items: Production, Consumption and the Roman Military

Organiser: Birgitta Hoffmann (Roman Gask Project)

S7. The production and distribution of food in the Roman Empire: modelling political, economic and social dynamics

Organisers: José Remesal Rodríguez (CEIPAC-UB), Víctor Revilla Calvo (CEIPAC-UB), Antoni Martín i Oliveras (CEIPAC-UB), and Daniel J. Martín-Arroyo Sánchez (CEIPAC-UB)

S8. Space, Identity, and Heritage on the Lower Danube Frontier

Organisers: Nathaniel Durant (SUNY: University at Buffalo) and Jonathan Quiery (Durham University)

S9. From multiple narratives to multiple voices: challenging multivocality in Roman archaeology

Organisers: Elisa Cella (Museo Civico Etrusco Romano di Trevignano Romano), Alessandro Pintucci (Sapienza Università di Roma), and Martina Revello Lami (University of Amsterdam

S10. “Take two of these for what ails you” – Material approaches to Medicine and Magic

Organisers: Adam Parker (Open University) and Thomas J. Derrick (University of Leicester)

S11. Towards an Archaeology of Values in the Roman World: Interdisciplinary Exploration in Theory and Method

Organisers: Karim Mata (University of Chicago) and Sergio González Sanchez (University of Leicester)

S12. Glass Reflections: Understanding the Complexity of Glass in the Roman Empire and Beyond

Organisers: Tatiana Ivleva (Newcastle University) and Elizabeth Foulds (Northern Archaeological Associates)

S13. General Session: Open to any papers with topics outside the remit of the named sessions

Organisers: TRAC 2017 Committee

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