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Aristophanic Laughter: How Was/Is Old Comedy Funny? - 03-04/07/2017, London (England)


A two-day symposium, "Aristophanic Laughter: How Was/Is Old Comedy Funny?", will be held at King's College London on July 3rd-4th 2017. Despite all the work of the last few decades on Aristophanic Politics, Paratragedy, Ritual and Stagecraft, theoretical analyses of the mechanics of eliciting laughter in historically specific audiences of Old Comedy--audiences ancient or modern, western or global-village, masculine, feminine or gender-fluid--remain under-evolved.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 03-04/07/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: King's College, London (England)



INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE: £15 per person per day Aquí/here/qui 16 bursaries are available for students and low income. Please apply directly to Edith Hall:


Monday 3th July

0930 Registration 0950 Edith Hall and Peter Swallow (KCL) Welcome 1000 Nick Lowe (RHUL) Keynote 1: Breaking Humour Theory with Aristophanes. 1040 Natalia Tsoumpra (Glasgow) No laughing matter? The comic potential of madness in Aristophanes. 1120 Coffee 1150 Dimitrios Kanellakis (Oxford) Παρὰ προσδοκίαν in the Acharnians 1230 Athina Papachrysostomou (Patras) “Κλέων καὶ παλαμάσθω” (Ar. Ach. 659): Surface and deep Aristophanic parody 1310 Lunch 1400 Helen Eastman (KCL) Directing Aristophanes 1440 David Bullen (RHUL) Adapting Clouds for the 2011 Save Classics Campaign at Royal Holloway 1520 Magdalena Zira (KCL) Melancholia and laughter in Modern Greek language productions of Aristophanes in the 21st century. 1600 Tea 1630 Francesco Morosi (Pisa) “Where on earth…?”: Laughing through Topography 1710 Mario Telò (Berkeley) Keynote 2: Mourir de rire: Old Comedy and the Death Drive 1800 Drinks Reception 1900 Speakers’ Dinner Tuesday 4th July

0930 Ian Ruffell (Glasgow) Keynote 3: Comedy without the comic: Irony, nonsense & other evasions of humour in Aristophanes 1010 Ralph Rosen (UPenn) The Satirist as Troll? Sociopathic Strains in Aristophanic Comedy 1050 Coffee 1120 Rosie Wyles (Kent) What’s Funny about Comic Costume? 1200 Craig Jendza (Kansas) Aristophanic Incongruities 1240 Lunch 1330 Pierre Destrée (Louvain) Aristotle on the Nature of Aristophanes’ humour 1410 Maria Gerolemou (University of Cyprus) Laughing against the Machine 1450 Pavlos Sfyroeras (Middlebury College VT) Laughter and Collective Trauma in Aristophanic Comedy 1530 Tea 1600 Adam Lecznar (UCL) Aristophanes, Philosopher 1640 Michael Silk (KCL) Keynote 4: Laughter and the Theory of Comedy 1735 Roundtable and Wine for any Survivors

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