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Waters from the Margin Strategies of Water Management in Dry Regions and Marshy Environments in the Ancient Near East -18/11/2016, Roma (Italy)



Waters from the Margin: Strategies of Water Management in Dry Regions and Marshy Environments in the Ancient Near East;  Venerdì 18 novembre: ore 9.30-19

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 18/11/2016


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Aula Odeion, Museo dei Gessi, Facoltà di Lettere, Sapienza Università di Roma (Roma, Italy)


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9.30-10.00: Saluti delle autorità e introduzione al convegno:
E. Janulardo (Referente Settore Archeologia MAECI DGSP-VI), Per un’archeologia del moderno
L. Mori (Sapienza Università di Roma), Watering the dry regions of the ancient Near East: an introduction
SESSION 1: Struggling against the sea: the marshes of lower Mesopotamia (Chair: M. Liverani)
10.00-10.30 - Francis Joannès (Sorbonne, Université de Paris I), La navigation fluviale en Mésopotamie néo-babylonienne

10.30-11.00 Ariel Bagg (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg), The unconquerable country: the  marshlands of lower Mesopotamia from the Assyrian sources
11.00-11.15 - Coffee break
11.15-11.45 - Davide Nadali (Roma Sapienza), “Once there was the sea”. The case of Tell Surghul/Nigin in the ancient State of Lagash

11.45-12.15 - Angela Greco (Roma Sapienza) - The taming of wilderness: Marshes as an economical resource in the III millennium Mesopotamia
12.15-12.45 - Lorenzo Verderame (Roma Sapienza), Waterscapes of ancient Sumer: marshes and lagoons in literary and administrative sources
12.45-13.15 - Franco D’Agostino – Licia Romano (Roma Sapienza) - Water for Life, Water for Culture. The Marshlands today
13.15-15.00 - Lunch break
SESSION 2: Flowing under: the technology of canals, tunnels and qanat in the Near East and surrounding regions (Chair: M. Frangipane)
15.00-15.30 - Frederick Mario Fales (Università di Udine), From Sargon to Sennacherib: wondrous waterworks abroad and at home

15.30-16.00 - Daniele Morandi Bonacossi (Università di Udine), Andrea Zerboni - Alessandro Perego (Università di Milano) - Alberto Savioli (Università di Udine) - Irrigating the Assyrian countryside. New evidence from the Assyrian irrigation network in the Nineveh hinterland and its impact on the region’s agricultural production system
16.00-16.30 – Massimo Vidale (Università di Padova) Irrigation in ancient Iran and the role of the qanat technology
16.30-17.00 - Mauro Cremaschi - Andrea Zerboni (Università di Milano) - Michele Degli Esposti (Università di Pisa), The qanat/falaj (underground channels) of the Arabian Peninsula: the case study of the Salut plain (Sultanate of Oman )
17.00-17.15 - Coffee break
SESSION 3: Watering the dry lands: the exploitation of springs, marshes, lakes and wells in ancient Syria (Chair: A. Vanzetti)
17.15-17.45 - Maria Giovanna Biga (Roma Sapienza), Wells, rivers, lakes in the region around Ebla (Syria XXIV cent. BC.)
17.45-18.15 - Francesca Baffi (Università del Salento), Tell Tuqan: on the shores of a lake
18.15-18.45 - Marco Bonechi (Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico, CNR) – Luca Peyronel (IULM, Milano), Syrian Steppe and Amorite Hydraulics, Between Mari and Ebla: An Integrated Archaeological and Philological Perspective.

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