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Medicine and Paradoxography in the Ancient World - 15/12/2016, Patras (Greece)




 FECHA/DATE/DATA: 15/12/2016


 LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Department of Classics, University of Patras (Patras, Greece)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: George Kazantzidis (University of Patras)







9:20-9:40: George Kazantzidis (Patras) 'Medicine and paradoxography in dialogue' 


9:40- 10:20: Maria Gerolemou (Nicosia) 'The paradoxical body in Herodotus and Thucydides'


10:20-11:00: Chiara Thumiger (Warwick) ‘The boy who bit a snake: A marvelous anecdote in Epidemics V’? [Hipp.] Ep. 5.86 (39.9–15 Jouanna = 5.252.11–15 L.) 


11:00-11:30 Coffee 


11:30-12:10: Katerina Oikonomopoulou (Patras) 'Paradoxography and the ps-Aristotelian Problems' 


12:10- 12:50: Floris Overduin (Nijmegen) 'In the realm of the two-headed snake: Mirabilia in Nicander's Theriaca' 


12:50-14:00: Lunch break 


14:00-14:40: Lucia Floridi (Milan) 'Wondrous healings in Greek epigram (and their parodic counterparts)' 


14:40- 15:20: Laurence Totelin (Cardiff) 'Selling miracles: wonderful drugs in antiquity' 


15:20 - 15:40: Break 


15:40- 16:20: Georgia Petridou (Liverpool) 'Literary remedies in Aelius Aristides’ Hieroi Logoi: A case of medical paradoxography or common medical practice? 


16:20-17:00 Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis (Oxford) 'Sensing the thauma in text and material culture: The elephant in Achilles Tatius, Galen and the visual arts' 


17:00-17:30: Round table discussion 


20:00 Dinner

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