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CALL. 11.01. 2017: [PANEL 5 at 10th CCC]"Ethnicity & imperialism at the time of the Roman R


When D.H. Lawrence wrote his Etrurian travelogue, he did so with an intuitive understanding that ethnicity and imperialism are entwined concepts. Much recent scholarship into the ancient world has looked into either ethnicity or imperialism in this period, but few have made the link between them explicit. While Mattingly (2013) has looked at some of these entwined factors for the Imperial period, his work remains an exception. The entwined concepts of ethnicity and imperial need further exploration in terms of their interactionalism and mutual contingency.



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Université de Montréal (Montreal, Canada)


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The panel seeks to represent varying approaches from different national scholarly traditions to ethnicity and imperialism at the time of the Roman Republic through a series of thought-provoking papers. Neither imperialism nor ethnicity exist in a vacuum. As such, relevant cross-cultural studies from co-temporal imperial societies, particularly from Hellenistic, Punic, and Near Eastern studies, are encouraged, as are interdisciplinary approaches.

Applications dealing with aspects of the following are sought, although proposals on other relevant themes will be considered:

  • The role of imperialism in the process of ethnogenesis through imposition or apposition to differences in power and/or intercultural contacts

  • The ways in which imperialism may have been influenced by the ethnic social constructions from which they arose

  • The role of imperialism in the destruction of ethnic groups

  • Hermeneutical or heuristic approaches to understanding ethnicity and imperialism as mutually contingent

The panel will consist of 12-15 speakers giving papers of 35 minutes each, followed by 15 minutes for discussion. Shorter papers may also be accepted. Papers may be delivered in English or French.

Submissions for up to 200 words plus a short biography should be emailed to by the end of Wednesday 11th January 2017. Any informal inquiries are also welcome at the same address.

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