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CALL.07.01.2017: [PANEL 6 at 10th CCC] "The Alchemy of Myth in Medieval and Renaissance Culture




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Université de Montréal (Montreal, Canada) ; McGill University

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Bill Gladhill (McGill University); Matteo Soranzo (McGill University)

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Of the numerous forms and intellectual domains in which Greco - Roman mythology survived in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, alchemy and more specifically alchemical symbolism is as important as it is elusive. Whether one interprets alchemical imagery as the manifestation of a perennial wisdom expressed in eternal symbols of transformation, or rather as poetic veils shrouding actual experiments conducted in laboratory, myths like the Golden Age, the Golden Fleece or the Golden Bough are often found in countless poems, tracts, frescoes and sculptures charged with alchemical meanings, which are still waiting to be deciphered. This panel invites scholar to focus on specific cases of Medieval or Early Modern alchemical adaptations of Greco - Roman myths. While every approach and method is welcome, priority will be given to papers focusing on specific authors, individual texts and works of art from an historical perspective. Possible areas of investigation are:

· Late Ancient and Medieval alchemical allegories;

· Texts and legacy of the Pseudo Lull;

· *Aurora Consurgens *and alchemical iconography;

· Hermes and Renaissance Hermetism;

· Renaissance mythographers and iconography;

· Painters, sculptors and alchemical imagery;

· Alchemical poems and poets.

Please send a 200 words abstract and CV to Matteo Soranzo ( and Bill Gladhill ( The deadline is January 7, 2016; acceptance will be communicated in the first week of January.

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