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CALL. 01.03.2017: Science of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technologies Conference – Cairo (Egypt)


The Ministry of Antiquities, in collaboration with DAI, ARCE, IFAO, AUC, and EES, is organising the first international conference on the Science of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technologies, scheduled for 4-6 November, 2017. The conference will emphasise the importance of archaeological sciences andinterdisciplinary approaches within Egyptology.




ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Anita Quiles (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale) ; Basem Gehad (Grand Egytian Museum, Cairo) ; Cédric Gobeil (Egypt Exploration Society) ; Eman H.Zidan (Egyptian Museum, Cairo) ; Engy Hassenien (Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo) ; Essam Nagy (Egypt Exploration Society) ; Jane Smythe (American Research Centre in Egypt) ; Johanna Sigl (German Archaeological Institute in Cairo) ; Lucy-Anne Skinner (Independent Conservator, UK) ; Mennat-Allah El Dorry (Ministry of Antiquities, Cairo) ; Meredith Brand (University of Toronto) ; Mona Akmal Mohamed (Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo) ; Nagm El Dien Morshed (Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo) ; Salima Ikram (American University in Cairo) ; Yasmin El Shazly (Ministry of Antiquities, Cairo).

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We are delighted to announce the International Conference on the Science of Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technologies (SAEMT), to take place in Cairo in November 2017. The conference invites the submission of abstracts for papers and posters in English from international researchers who employ various archaeological sciences in their research on ancient Egyptian materials, their adoption, developments and technologies.

The conference’s aims are threefold: first, to provide a venue for specialists employing archaeological sciences to meet and to present their research and exchange ideas; second, to emphasise the importance of archaeological sciences and interdisciplinary approaches within Egyptology; third, to provide a space for those working within Egypt to discuss measures for overcoming limitations that hinder scientific applications in Egypt. Panel discussions will also explore topics such as access to the necessary reliable facilities to perform analyses and how to improve the levels and standards of analytical methods within Egypt. The papers will be published in a peer reviewed publication.

Topics: We invite papers and posters dealing with archaeometric approaches to the following seven themes of the conference:

• Mining and quarrying: working at raw materials outcrops and stone tools technology.

• Building: State controlled and domestic construction materials and methods: stone, mud and wood.

Pyro-technology: production and processing of metals, ceramics, glass, faience and frit.

• Graphic and aesthetic technologies: writing, painting and sculpture.

• Funerary technologies: materials and techniques connected with burial.

• Agricultural and food technology: subsistence, production and consumption.

• Domestic and local craft technologies: providing for the living and the dead - with textiles and leatherworking, carpentry, basketry, cosmetics, ivory and bone working.

Guide for posters and presentations:

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of no longer than 250 words by email to by 1st March, 2017. The form for the abstracts can be downloaded on our website. Please indicate whether you would like to give an oral presentation or a poster. Authors of selected papers and posters will be informed in May 2017.

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