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CALL. 01.03.2017: [PANEL 2 at ASOR 2017] Study of Violence from the Region of the Ancient Near East




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: The Westin Boston Waterfront (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Vanessa Juloux (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes9 ; Leann C. Pace (Wake Forest University)

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Violence is a common motif that appears throughout the well-studied narrative and historical texts and images from the region of the ancient Near East and its neighbors, from Prehistory to Late Antiquity. Although depicted in both divine and human realms (e.g. Enuma Elish, Stele of Vultures, Chronicles, Battle of Qadesh, Baʿlu Cycle, Torah, Josephus), violence, whether physical or psychological (e.g. interpersonal, corporate, or structural), has been insufficiently studied from the perspectives of intention, motivation and legacy. During this three-year session, we will investigate the topic of violence through different methodological frameworks: (1) in 2017, the anthropology and hermeneutics of text and image analysis, (2) in 2018, the intentions (voluntary or not) and motivations of the authors in their use of violence as part of the narrative arc, and (3) in 2019, the philosophy of a contextualized violence (its social, moral and political questions) based on the understanding of text as well as image. We welcome abstracts from art historians, philologists, historians, anthropologists, and scholars interested in extending their analysis of violence beyond the bounds of traditional text-oriented approaches and determinism. We envision an interdisciplinary session attracting papers from Prehistorians, Assyriologists, Bible scholars, Hittitologists, Egyptologists, Aegeanists, and Byzantinists alike. This year ASOR will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, November 15-18. Abstracts (250 words or less) must be submitted electronically by March 1th

Note that ASOR membership and conference registration are required at the time of abstract submission: For European student registration: if these fees present an obstacle, please be in touch with one of us: Vanessa Juloux (; Leann C. Pace, PhD (

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