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Oceans and shores. Heritage, people and environments. CHAM International Conference - 12-13-14-15/06


FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 12-13-14-15/06/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: FCSH ; Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Alice Santiago Faria ; Ana Catarina Garcia ; Antonieta Reis Leite ; Cristina Brito ; Francisco Zamora Rodríguez ; José Bettencourt ; Nunziatella Alessandrini ; Roberta Stumpf

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  • P01 Riding the waves: politics, memories and sense making in contemporary maritime cultures

  • P02 L'Italia fuori d'Italia' revisited: Italian merchant diaspora(s) after the Renaissance

  • P03 A donde Neptuno reina: water and gods in the iconography of power during the Modern Era (XVI-XVIII)

  • P04 Practices of defiance: resisting colonial maritime power

  • P05 Going with the flow: oceans, animals and ideas on the move

  • P06 The primeval oceans and the architecture of memory: the evocation of ancient cosmogonies, voyages, and imaginaries

  • P07 The appraising eye: skilled vision, professionalization, and the sensory history of the coast

  • P08 Rivers and shores: 'fluviality' and the occupation of colonial Amazonia

  • P09 The imperial/colonial policies on tobacco and its connection with the design of the Atlantic space

  • P10 Migratory movements towards oceanic port-cities, 1400-1700

  • P11 The ocean and its stories

  • P12 Disasters in coastal and maritime environments: problems and challenges

  • P13 To each seaport its 'sertão': processes of cultural and social construction of hinterland spaces throughout the Lusophone Atlantic (19-20th centuries)

  • P14 Archipelagos, islands and shores: history of land use and urban planning in the fifteen and sixteen century Atlantic world

  • P15 Pensacola, Florida: 450 years as a coastal frontier

  • P16 Accounts on shipwrecks of XVI and XVII centuries: for their characteristics analyzed by multifaceted views

  • P17 The sea in contemporary international relations: foreign policy, geopolitics, and the national interest

  • P18 Coastal cultural heritage: assets, risks, opportunities

  • P19 Coastal communities and climate change governance: knowledge, identities and narratives across public and legal spheres

  • P20 The ocean's cultural heritage: research and networking for the development of a UNESCO Chair

  • P21 Historical uses of the ocean and shores: natural resources and patterns of exploitation

  • P22 The ocean in the Middle Ages: practices, imaginary and representations

  • P23 The eye of the beholder: historical and ethnohistorical data in the study of past maritime communities

  • P24 Building cultures in Portuguese coastal cities (15th to early 20th centuries): knowledge, forms, people, materials, rules and techniques

  • P25 Sea-Ports and Trade Networks in Maritime Asia (1500-1800)

  • P26 Old Goa: the city/port as a place of encounter and cross-cultural exchanges, shaping identities, urban spaces and built-up heritage

  • P27 Port cities, shipwrecks and maritime cultural landscapes.

  • P28 Poster session

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