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Workshop: “Viticulture and Wine in Hittite Anatolia and Its Ancient Near Eastern Context: Philological, Archaeological and Comparative Perspectives” - 16-17-18/02/2017, Würzburg (Germany)





FECHA/DATE/DATA: 16-17-18/02/2017


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institut für Altertumswissenschaften, Universität Würzburg (Würzburg, Germany)







Thursday 16-02-2017

Session 1:       Ancient Near East (Chair: Daniel Schwemer)

14.30-15.00     Welcome and general remarks. Daniel Schwemer (Würzburg)

15.00-15.30     Introduction to the workshop. Carlo Corti (Würzburg)

15.30-16.30     Near Eastern viticulture in a historical perspective. Lucio Milano (Venice)

16.30-17.00     Coffee break

17.00-18.00    Archaeobotany of the grape I:Lines of evidence and the origins of winemaking.
Naomi F. Miller (Philadelphia)/Chantel White (Philadelphia)

18.00-19.00    The impact of wine production in the social transformation of northern Mesopotamian societies during the mid-to-late third millennium BCE. Nicola Laneri (Catania)

Friday 17-02-2017

Session 2:       Ancient Near East: Case study (Chair: Lucio Milano)

09.30-10.30    Archaeology of the oenology: drinking wine at the royal table in Mari. Grégory Chambon (Paris)

10.30-11.00     Coffee break

11.00-12.00     First press. Early textual evidence for Anatolian wine. Gojko Barjamovic (Boston)

12.00-12.30     Archaeobotany of the grape II: Data from Anatolian and Near Eastern archaeological sites. Naomi F. Miller (Philadelphia)/Chantel White (Philadelphia)

12.30-14.30     Lunch

Session 3:       Hittite Anatolia and satellite kingdoms (Chair: Stefano de Martino)

14.30-15.30  Contribution to the knowledge of viticulture and viniculture in Hittite Anatolia. Carlo Corti (Würzburg)

15.30-16.30    The agricultural potential of central Anatolia and what the Hittites made out of it. Andreas Schachner (Istanbul)

16.30-17.00     Coffee break

17.00-18.00     The administration of vine in Ugarit. Valérie Matoïan (Lyon)/Juan-Pablo Vita (Madrid)

Saturday 18-02-2017

Session 4:       Hittite Anatolia: Case study (Chair: Andreas Schachner)

09.30-10.30     “Guess who's coming to dinner”. Hittite Banquets. Stefano de Martino (Turin)

10.30-11.30    The good god, the wine god and the storm god of the vineyard. Mark Weeden (London)

11.30-12.00     Coffee break

Session 5:       Conclusions

12.00-13.00     Roundtable and Concluding Remarks


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