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CALL. 01.03.2017: 2nd Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF) - Bern (Switzerland)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Universität Bern (Switzerland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: The Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften of the Universität Bern (Switzerland)

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Archaeologists, Philologists, Archaeometrists and Art Historians of the Ancient Near East broadly defined (Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Levant, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Central Asia, Aegean) are cordially invited to take part in the second Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF) Get your ideas out there (10 mins talk max, any topic)! The aim of the BAF is to facilitate communication across fields of research. Through its open access peer-reviewed « BAF-Online » video-journal ( it provides a platform for the publication of ideas prior to final results. The BAF will be followed on 30 June by its traditional hike in the Berner Oberland. Participants are encouraged to participate ! You know how it goes…*Mens sana in corpore sano*… There is no registration fee and we are granting awards for travel and accommodation. We welcome abstracts for: a) Talks ➤ 10 minutes maximum (+5 minutes discussion) ➤ of academic standard but aimed at a non-specialist audience ➤ concise and communicative ➤ in English b) Book presentations

➤ Newly published (co-) authors are invited to present their books during the BAF through 5 min "book sessions" that will be taking place during the main pause on Saturday (think "poster session" but with books). Deadline for submitting abstracts: 1 March 2017 GMT +01:00 Deadline for early bird registration: 1 April 2017 GMT +01:00 Deadline for abstracts: 1 March 2017 GMT +01:00 Deadline for registration: 1 April 2017 GMT +01:00

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