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The Divinatory Series Shumma Alu - 16-17/02/2017, Geneva (Switzerland)

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 16-17/02/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: The University of Geneva; the Department of Mesopotamian Studies




Thursday, February 16 (Building Landolt, Room L.107, Rue de-Candolle 2) 6:00 pm: Welcome drink

6:30 pm: Panel discussion on the situation and perspectives of the research on the series Shumma Alu

8:00 pm: Dinner (speakers and organizers) Friday, February 17 (Building Philosophes, Room Phil. 201, Bd des Philosophes 22) 10:00 am Welcome and Introduction

10:10 am Sally Freedman: "The University of Pennsylvania Shumma Alu Project: How It Began and What It Accomplished" 10:40 am Jean-Jacques Glassner: "Le traité divinatoire Shumma Alu" 11:10 am Coffee break 11:20 Nicla de Zorzi: "The Imagery of Animal Omens in the Terrestrial Omen Series Shumma Alu" 11:50 am Anne-Caroline Rendu-Loisel: "Feel the world: A sensory approach to Shumma Alu" Lunch break 2:00 pm Ann Guinan: "The Structure and Thematic Trajectory of Shumma Alu: What the Sex Omen Tablets Reveal" 2:30 pm Nils Heeßel: "The Shumma Alu-tablets of Nabû-zuqup-kenu" 3:00 pm Eckart Frahm: "Cuneiform Commentaries on the Terrestrial Omen Series Shumma Alu" 3:30 pm Summary and concluding statement (Organizers)

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