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A Linked Open World: Alexander the Great, Transnational Heritage and the Semantic Web - 03-04/04/201

The conference will investigate the homogenizing effect of the coinage of Alexander the Great on the economic history of the Mediterranean, the Near East, and Central Asia as well as advertising and exploring the value of amalgamated collections. The conference will look at the new tools created by Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web as well as their technical composition. It will present new research on the coinage of Alexander, much of which made possible by new opportunities afforded by the PELLA tool. And it will conclude by focussing particularly on the legacy of Alexander the Great, from shortly after his death to the present day, and discussing the importance of preserving such transnational heritage and the role in this that projects like OPAL and PELLA can play.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 03-04/04/2017

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: New College, Oxford (Oxford, England)


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Monday 3rd April

10.00 Registration 10.15 Introduction (Frédérique Duyrat & Andrew Meadows) Part 1: New tools

10.30 Equality and Concept: Broadening the Scope of Linked Open Data (Sebastian Heath) 11.00 ANS Digital Projects: A Comprehensive Platform for the Study of Numismatics (Ethan Gruber) 11.30 Statistical exploration of PELLA data (Julien Olivier) 12.00 Lunch break Part 2: Imperial economic space - using PELLA to write a new history

1.30 What is an Alexander? (Andrew Meadows) 2.00 The Destruction and Recreation of Monetary Zones in the Wake of Alexander’s Conquests (Peter van Alfen) 2.30 Exploring localities: a die study of Alexanders from Damascus (Simon Glenn) 3.00 Tea break 3.30 The impact of Alexander’s conquest on minted silver: new data from metallurgical analysis of coins kept at the BnF (Maryse Blet-Lemarquand, Julien Olivier, Caroline Carrier) 4.00 The first generation of Alexander’s influence: diversity of empire (Karsten Dahmen) 4.30 Alexander gold coinage throughout the Empire and beyond (Frédérique Duyrat) 5.00 General discussion 6.00 Reception at the Ashmolean Museum

Tuesday 4th April Part 3: Cultural interaction and legacy

9.30 The coinage of Alexander the Great as perceived during the 16th -18th centuries (François de Callataÿ)

10.00 The legacy of Alexander: money in Central Asia (Simon Glenn)

10.30 Looting and its impact: the case of Alexanders from the Near East and the role of an online corpus project (Caroline Carrier & Simon Glenn) 11.00 The debate about the spread of Alexander's coinage and its economic impact: engaging with the historiographical longue durée (Pierre Briant) 11.30 The Virtual Museum of Alexander the Great (Angeliki Kottaridi)

12.00 Conclusion: Alexander: the Wider Vision (Robin Lane Fox)

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