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CALL. 15.03.2017 [PANEL 4 at EAA Maastricht 2017] Objects & Images: Materiality of Lived Religio




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: MECC Maastricht (Maastricht, Netherlands)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Ria Berg (University of Tampere); Antonella Coralini (University of Bologna) ; Ilkka Kuivalainen (University of Helsinki)

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The central theme of the session is the materiality and iconography of religious objects in Classical Antiquity, with a special emphasis on Hellenistic to Roman Italy. Material culture, objects and their images, play important roles in creating and communicating senses of religious community, or, in contrast, religious ‘otherness’. The main issues that will be addressed include the migration of forms and images of religious objects in the different cultural spheres of the Mediterranean and the study of their local and domestic adaptations in the conceptual framework of ‘lived religion’.

How do forms, images and meanings of religious objects travel from one culture to another, what kind of networks of pictorial and material koinè do they form, and how are such images and forms applied and represented in new, distant and local cultural contexts? How can entanglements between domestic practices and religious rituals be studied through the objects themselves, their find contexts or representations?

Topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

● the relations between material artefacts belonging to various religious cults - as instruments, symbols or cult objects - and their representation in wall-paintings, mosaics, statues or reliefs;

● the status of religious vs. everyday utensils in domestic or funerary contexts;

● the adoption of foreign cult objects as decorative elements or religious symbols in ancient domestic, public or commercial spaces;

● the agency and identities of objects connected with foreign cults in new cultural contexts.

Session format: Combination of papers (15 min. each + 5. of discussion; final discussion)

Abstracts of ca. 300 words can be submitted at the website

Abstract submission deadline: 15th March 2017

The session organisers will contact you between March 22nd and April 15th to discuss acceptance of your contribution and the practical details regarding the inclusion of your paper. Please note that all authors must settle their 2017 EAA membership fee and conference fee by 30 April 2017.

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