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CALL. 17.03.2017: Teach the Teachers Workshop - Boston, Ma (USA)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Tufts University (Boston, MA, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: The Perseids Project ; Department of Classics at Tufts University



The Perseids Project in conjunction with the Department of Classics at Tufts University is calling for participants in the second Teach the Teachers workshop. We re currently accepting applications for funding for travel and lodging in Boston for the duration of the workshop. The workshop is open to anyone who is able to gain their own funding. This three-day workshop aims to showcase the Perseids platform and explore the uses of these tools in a classroom setting. Registration for this workshop will be free and financial support for travel and lodging will be provided. We are looking for participants who teach at the High school or secondary school level, as well as Phd candidates and graduate students. Treebanks are large collections of syntactically parsed sentences. Although originally designed to improve computational linguistic analysis, treebank annotations have proven to be valuable tools for pedagogy and traditional philological pursuits. Treebanking projects have also proven to be valuable tools for students because they provide targeted assessment and feedback. In addition, treebanking allows students to contribute to a growing collection of ancient language treebanks. The workshop will contain seminars on how to use the tools available via Perseids, in particular the Alpheios Alignment editor and the Arethusa Treebank editor. These seminars will include comprehensive guidelines so that any user at any level of digital literacy will be able to use the tools to their full potential. This will include: Use of translation alignments for language and non-language students Use of treebank annotations in the classroom, including Prof. Matthew Harrington’s treebanks of the AP Latin Curriculum The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate the exchange of new ideas for the implementation of the Perseids Platform in the classroom. We encourage you to experiment with our tools before attending the workshop, so that you can bring your own ideas about implementations in the classroom for discussion. Participants who are seeking funding should submit a statement of up to 500-700 words in length. Submissions will be accepted until March 17th. Statements should demonstrate that an applicant has a strong desire to work with new and experimental teaching techniques. No experience with digital methods is required, but those with experience will be supported at their own level. Although we work primarily with Greek or Latin teachers, we encourage educators who work with other ancient languages to apply. An ideal candidate needs to be willing to approach teaching these subjects in new ways and should be prepared to implement them in the classroom. Send submissions in the form of a pdf to

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